We're a consultancy for broadband providers and connected home service companies in the California market.

Our mission is to connect underserved communities by helping overbuilders, WISPs, and Municipalities to reach more customers, profitably.

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Pricing and Customer Aquisition

Market research for overbuilders and WISPs entering new markets
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California consumer education

Clear and up-to-date consumer guides to help California residents find and choose local service alternatives
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ISP market maintenance

Online customer aquisition and market maintenance services for targeting movers and frustration shoppers to increase market penetration

ConnectCalifornia Regional Data Reporting

Our regular reporting covers California regional topics and broadband market development.

California Broadband Definition: 60% Below Federal Standards

California vs Federal Broadband Standards Broadband Funding Broadband Standards over time Broadb...

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State Internet Access Mapping Projects & Programs 2020

One of the biggest issues facing broadband deployment in the US is lack of decent data on the sub...

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Fixed Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs) in California

There are 108 fixed wireless internet service providers (WISPs) in California as of our last dat...

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