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A consultancy serving broadband providers and connected home service companies in the California market.

Our mission is to connect underserved communities by helping overbuilders, WISPs, and Municipalities to reach more customers, profitably.

Phone: (213) 431–0153
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Pricing and Customer Aquisition

Market research for fiber overbuilders and WISPs entering new markets
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California consumer education

Clear and up-to-date consumer guides to help California residents find and choose local service alternatives
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ISP market maintenance

Online customer aquisition and market maintenance services for targeting movers and frustration shoppers to increase market penetration

ConnectCalifornia Market Research

Our research and reporting covers the development of broadband and related home-service markets in California and nationally. Our tracking of consumer pricing trends, infrastructure, and network buildouts have been cited by media outlets including SFGATE, LifeWire, and Gizmodo.

California Broadband Definition: 60% Below Federal Standards

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Cable Internet Service Providers in California

There are 33 cable internet service providers in California as of our last data update in 2023. ...

Municipal Broadband Providers in California 2023

There are 17 municipal broadband providers in California as of 2023. Only 6 of the 17 municipal...
202 Mbps is the average internet speed recorded in California in 2023
38% of California residents have access to fiber-optic internet service in 2023
$149 Million Awarded by the FCC Connect America Fund to California ISPs serving rural areas in 2019
893,000+ California residents don't have access to internet at their home
137 residential internet providers in California
99.9% of California households have at least 1 Mbps mobile LTE coverage

Consumer Guides for California Residents

Our consumer guides have been read by millions of in-market consumers. Our publishing efforts bridge the gap between service providers and potential customers looking for broadband, utility, and telecom solutions.

Low Income Internet Programs in California (2023)

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Cheapest Spectrum Internet Plans: Pricing Guide 2023

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Spectrum Deals for Existing Customers: 7 Ways to Lower Bill

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ConnectCalifornia Broadband Data Aggregation

We track essential trends in the California broadband market like MSO pricing, overbuilder footprint changes, and federal and state funding programs.

Industry shifts like fixed 5G and open access networks are poised to rapidly change the competative landscape for broadband-enabled services over the next ten years. Our data and consulting services track market shifts today so our clients and users can prepare for what's coming tomorrow.