Los Angeles Internet Access Fact Sheet

Los Angeles has 6 primary residential internet service providers within city limits. Spectrum and AT&T are the market incumbents, while smaller providers like Sonic.net and Starry Internet compete as local alternatives.

Primary internet service providers in Los Angeles

Provider brand namePrimary, secondary network typePrimary network coverageSecondary network coverageMaximum downloadMaximum upload
Charter Communications (Spectrum)Cable, Fiber98.98%7.92%940 Mbps35 Mbps
AT&T CaliforniaDSL, Fiber80.10%21.32%1000 Mbps1000 Mbps
Frontier Communications CorporationDSL, Fiber19.96%9.55%100 Mbps100 Mbps
Sonic.netDSL8.52% 80 Mbps20 Mbps
Cox CommunicationsCable1.17% 1000 Mbps35 Mbps
Starry InternetFixed Wireless, Fiber26.65%0.0001%200 Mbps200 Mbps

This table represents the majority of "incumbent" internet service providers currently registered within Los Angeles city limits, according to analysis of the FCC's most recent Form 477 data release on the industry.

Spectrum and AT&T are the primary players in the Los Angeles broadband market, with both networks reaching well over 90% of buildings in the LA area.

Frontier operates out of a DSL network within Los Angeles, as well as selling fiber over their "Fios" FTTH (Fiber to the Home) network, which they purchased from Verizon in 2016.

2016 was an eventful year for network ownership in Los Angeles, as Time Warner Cable also left the market, having sold their entire cable network to Charter Communications. All Time Warner Cable branding has been replaced with Charter Communications' residential internet service product, Spectrum, as of 2020.

50 Mbps is the median average download speed recorded on California residential internet connections in 2020
66.5% of Los Angeles has access to fiber-optic internet service
$38.9 million Cost for construction of municipal fiber in Beverly Hills 2019–2021
49% of homeless in LA access internet via mobile smartphone
Spectrum and AT&T are the most common internet providers available to Los Angeles residents
99.9% of California households have at least 1 Mbps mobile LTE coverage

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The Digital Divide in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is dynamic, diverse, and well-known for gaps between the "haves" and the "have-nots." Internet access in Los Angeles is no exception, with fiber predominently built out to wealthy neighborhoods like Silverlake, West Hollywood, and Laurel Canyon. Neighborhoods with lower median incomes like Koreatown and Boyle Heights.

The city of Beverly Hills is finishing construction of a municipal broadband network that will offer low-cost fiber service to homeowners in the neighborhood later in 2020.

Major speed test sources like Measurement Labs and Speedtest.net record Los Angeles at an average internet speed range of 50–90 Mbps. Introductory plans are generally in the 100–200 Mbps download speed range.

Since most fiber service in Los Angeles is from telecom companies like AT&T and Frontier rather than overbuilders, the majority of buildings only have two wired internet options. However, some startup internet providers like Starry have begun to offer attractive wireless alternatives as of 2020.

Internet Infrastructure in Los Angeles

Network technologyPopulation coveredCoverage percent
Fixed Wireless297310181.64%

The table above shows percent coverage of each major network type in Los Angeles according to the latest FCC Form 477 data release (2020).

Note that due to over-reporting by providers, coverage at the building level is not as robust as this data presents. Fixed wireless service from providers like Starry Internet, in particular, has much lower coverage than it appears based on FCC data sources — which are currently the only public source of national broadband data.

Secondary internet service providers in Los Angeles

The following providers have registered minor internet coverage areas within Los Angeles city limits, all below 1% local coverage.

Provider brand namePrimary, secondary network typePrimary network coverageSecondary network coverageMaximum downloadMaximum upload
ComcastCable0.3119 98735
Consolidated Smart Broadband Systems, LLCCable, Fiber0.39820.201250050
Mediacom California LLCCable0.0015 10010
ONE BurbankFiber0.0125 10001000
Google Fiber California, LLCFiber0.0048 10001000
Race CommunicationsFiber0.1775 10001000
Antelecom Inc.Fixed Wireless0.2646 123
Ind-Co Cable TV Inc.Fixed Wireless0.0018 31
LV.NetFixed Wireless0.0003 5010
Ranch Wifi, LLCFixed Wireless0.0026 105
Sky Fiber InternetFixed Wireless0.0041 100100
GeoLinksFixed Wireless0.5918 10001000
Webpass, Inc.Fixed Wireless0.0222 500500
One Ring NetworksFixed Wireless, Fiber0.30190.0126200200

Page Summary
  • Los Angeles has 6 primary residential internet providers and 14 minor providers with less than 1% local coverage. Spectrum and AT&T are the largest providers locally.
  • 67% of Los Angeles has access to fiber internet service, with AT&T and Frontier having the largest residential fiber networks.

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