Spectrum Internet Pricing (Current and Historical)

Spectrum has three internet plans, ranging from 100–940 Mbps. The base 200 Mbps plan is suitable for most households of 2–3 people.

Plans Speed Promo Price Final Price Information
Spectrum Internet 100 Mbps $49.99/mo. $69.99/mo. View Plan
Spectrum Internet Ultra 400 Mbps $69.99/mo. $94.99/mo. View Plan
Spectrum Internet GIG 940 Mbps $109.99/mo. $129.99/mo. View Plan

Spectrum has three base internet plans, with consistent pricing throughout the state starting at $49.99/month and going up to $69.99 after the introductory period (usually 12 months).

Spectrum has been expanding their coverage area and minimum speeds in California in recent years, upgrading to 200 Mbps base plans in cities like Los Angeles. (View our write-up on Los Angeles Spectrum pricing.)

Spectrum Internet-Only Base Prices and Speeds

Spectrum internet-only plans in California come in tiers:

Plan NameSpeed Down/UpPromo PriceFinal Price
Spectrum Internet100/10 Mbps$49.99/mo$69.99
Spectrum Internet Ultra400/20 Mbps$69.99/mo$94.99
Spectrum Internet GIG940/35 Mbps$109.99/mo$129.99

The entry-level plan with 100 Mbps plan is the best value option for most internet-only customers, at $49.99/month. However, the price for that plan rises to $69.99 after 1 Year months, meaning that your average cost over two years of Spectrum service is around $60.

Spectrum TV and Internet Base Prices and Speeds

When you sign up for Spectrum internet in California, the phone agent or website is likely to promote their double-play TV and internet plans heavily. Like the internet-only plans, these come in 3 packages:

Plan NameSpeedPromo PriceChannelsNFL Network
Double Play Select200 Mbps$89.98/mo125+Not Included
Double Play Silver200 Mbps$114.98/mo175+Included
Double Play Gold200 Mbps$134.98/mo200+Included

While TV plans from Spectrum are currently contract-free, they are still more expensive than cutting the cord and streaming online. The exception to this rule is large family homes and sports viewers, who can sometimes get a better bundle rate with Spectrum compared with buying content directly from streaming providers. Double Play Select comes with 125+ TV channels, ranging up to 200+ channels on the largest package.

Note that in the LA area, TV bundles have a maximum internet speed of 200 Mbps. This means that if you want download speeds for your internet higher than 200 Mbps, you’ll have to go with an internet-only plan like Ultra or GIG and combine that with streamed TV from a third-party like Netflix, Hulu, etc.

Spectrum Subsidized Plans for Low-Income Households

Low-income households can access Spectrum’s subsidized plans, which offer reduced speeds and basic service for a lower $17.99 monthly price and a $5 per month WiFi fee.

Plan NameSpeed Down/UpMonthly PriceWiFi Fee
Spectrum Internet Assist30/4 Mbps$17.99/mo $5/mo

Spectrum coverage area

Spectrum is the second-largest cable internet provider in the US, with a coverage area comprising all but 10 states and more than 100 Million consumers in-footprint.

California is their largest service area. As of 2020, 53% of California households have Charter Spectrum internet serviceability.

Outside neighborhoods with AT&T or Sonic fiber, Spectrum is usually the only internet provider with broadband upload speeds, and the only option for 100+ Mbps downloads, making them a de facto monopoly on broadband in much of their coverage area.

Page Summary
  • 100–200 Mbps is the base speed for Spectrum internet plans, varying based on service area.
  • Spectrum offers TV as well as internet packages in California.

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