How to Negotiate a Lower Xfinity Bill for Existing Customers

Existing Xfinity customers are accustomed to the annual tradition of arguing with Comcast about the bill going up.

But if it’s your first time with Xfinity internet, chances are you’re looking at your bill confused why it suddenly went up 10–40% overnight.

Like all cable companies, Xfinity does three things that make it hard to predict your bill amount:

  1. Different pricing based on where you live.
  2. The price increases after 12 months on most plans.
  3. Programming fees, taxes, and other government fees are passed on to the customer.
First: Check for Errors in Your Bills

There have been instances in the past where Comcast has charged their customers fees erroneously, or accidentally added services customers didn’t request. Be sure to check for duplicate charges and additional services in your bill’s line items before assuming it’s a routine price hike — particularly if you recently changed your package over the phone.

Negotiate with retention for a lower price

Contrary to what articles online claim, Xfinity does not “negotiate” with customers. They can only put together a new package based on existing offers, reduce or adjust your plan, or in some rare cases, extend your “new customer” rate for an additional year.

However, this means that calling to “negotiate” can get you a cheaper price. You just have to remember that the agent likely does not have the ability to magically change your price. You have to walk through your plan with them, line by line, so they can help look through current plans and figure out a reduction plan.

You have to be polite — it takes work to find a good deal for a customer, and if you berate the agent they won’t have any motivation to help you. Call center employees get hate all day (believe me, I’ve worked in one). So, if you’re the nice caller, you are first in line for special deals.

Additionally, you must call more than once if you don’t get a win on the first call. Comcast pricing is very complex, and even the agents are sometimes confused by it. Therefore, if you call a couple times, you’re more likely to find an agent who “gets it,” has access to good promos, and can help you out.

Rope In the Comcast Retention Department

If after a few calls you still can’t get a deal, it’s worth asking to cancel. Generally, this gets you transferred to the “retention” department. It varies based on location and time of year, but in some cases, retention will grant a special deal if they believe you are going to cancel.

Drop the router fee by purchasing your own

Comcast Xfinity offers its customers both a modem and a router combo at a monthly fee, and they also provide cable boxes for your TV. The rent will add up over time. If you look at the costs, at the end of one year, the rent you pay for the equipment from your Comcast Xfinity service provider surpasses the equipment’s actual cost.

If you intend to use the equipment for the long term, it is advisable to buy your modem and router combo instead of renting it. Just ensure that the router and modem you purchase are compatible with the Comcast Xfinity services you are subscribing to.

The Azores AX1500 Smart WiFi Router can work using both the LAN and WLAN connections. It also supports Bluetooth and provides an ultra-fast wireless speed. It is quite suitable for home as well as office use. You can connect gaming consoles, computers, and tablets very easily to this, and the wireless data transmission will be seamless.

For your TV boxes, you can return anything that you are not using. Doing so will drop your yearly expenses down quite considerably. Like many online subscriptions, sometimes one tends to do the same thing with the equipment that one rents. Over time it adds up the expense for no practical benefit in return.

You can also consider downsizing your TV plans by looking up online deals provided by Comcast Xfinity. The online shop is pretty easy to use, navigate, and shop from. Also, because you will be interacting with a system rather than a person, you will not have to resort to the mundane tactics of negotiating with a person. You can choose the plan that is most cost-efficient for you and then go ahead and buy it.

Motorola Cable Modem Gateway

If you plan to buy your modem and router combo, you can check here to see whether Xfinity approves the device. The Motorola 8 x 4 Cable Modem Gateway is a great option you could consider for this purpose. It is a modem and router that costs approximately $130. It is compatible with Xfinity, and so you will not have any hiccups when using the internet.

The Motorola Cable Modem Gateway is one of the cheapest options available, and if you compare the rent you are paying for the equipment, you will reach the break-even point in less than a year. The entire thing takes less than a quarter of an hour to set up. If you use this instead of renting equipment, you set yourself up for saving upwards of $150 a year.

To install the Motorola modem and router, you will need to follow these simple and easy steps:

  1. Unplug the Xfinity gateway.
  2. Disconnect the coaxial cable from your Xfinity gateway.
  3. Connect the Xfinity cable with the new Motorola device and switch it on.
  4. Next, you will need to connect it through your Comcast service provider. For this, you will first need to keep all information related to your Xfinity account number, the model number of the new Motorola device, serial number, and MAC address handy.
  5. Dial into your Comcast service representative and furnish them with the information listed above so that they can complete the process from their end.
  6. You will need to open up the settings on your computer or any other device and enter the network name and password. You will find the details included at the bottom of the new gateway device.

Once you have completed all these steps mentioned above, your wireless gateway should be up and running. You can return your Comcast modem and router to your nearest Xfinity store. Doing so will ensure that Comcast does not bill you for the equipment anymore.

Reduce your internet speed

Reducing your download speed will lower your internet bills considerably and is the simplest but the most difficult way to lower the bills. You could prefer a certain internet speed, and going any lower than that might seem sacrilege to you. However, the benefits of having a lower internet speed will yield visible and directly proportional results on your bill.

Playing online games and crunching big numbers by connecting to a sophisticated market watch site is very tempting, but it will cost you so much more. Then again, you should not lower your internet speed so much that going online becomes an arduous process.

If you enjoy streaming services or need access to platforms for holding online meetings while working from home, you will need to recalibrate your internet speed requirements.

It is always better to know what speed works best for you and trim anything in excess. When deciding the optimum internet speed, you will also need to bear in mind the number of people in your family. Consider the total devices that are likely to be connected to the internet at the same time.

Choose a Package With Fewer Channels

You may have chosen a package that allows for multiple channels. However, if you find yourself less inclined to view those channels and more inclined to flip past them instead, then it is very likely that you need to revisit your channel subscription.

You do not have to ditch your cable subscription altogether, but you can always consider downsizing your TV package. Granted that downsizing will lead to fewer channels, but if those channels are the ones that you watch, and you have done away with the rest, then you can save some costs without sacrificing your viewing pleasure.

The premier subscription offered by Xfinity gives you access to over 260 different channels and costs you around $85 a month. On the other end of the spectrum, the Limited Basic plan offers you over ten channels at approximately $47.

Of course, there is a range of options available in between. You could go for the Digital Starter pack offering over 140 channels at $68.22, or even the Digital Preferred offering access to more than 220 channels at $70.

You can also just drop TV altogether, although note you’ll be subject to “final pricing” rather than the promotional pricing advertised for new customers. See our Xfinity pricing sheet for a full rundown.

Trim What Is Unnecessary

Choose the package that is best suited to your needs and your budget and trim out all that is unnecessary and excessive.

You could also consider subscribing to a streaming service, and if you find that opting for the streaming service is more effective, you can always switch to that option. However, be mindful of any early termination fees that you must pay when you decide to close the cable TV account.

Another option for trimming your costs is to bundle the services you seek for Comcast. In case all your favorite channels are only available on Comcast Xfinity’s TV plan. You can negotiate with Comcast and seek a discount for bundling the TV services with the internet services.

Since Comcast has a dedicated customer retention team, they will be willing to consider your case if you negotiate the deal carefully enough. The bottom line is to ask and be open for negotiation; it is a better strategy than not asking. If you do not ask, you will never know.

Add TV for a special rate

Xfinity sometimes offers deals where you actually pay less if you sign up for TV. This may seem counterintuitive, but Xfinity relies on high subscriber numbers to maintain negotiation leverage with advertisers, programmers, and the like. With that in mind, they get value from you as a TV customer even if your TV plan is basically free.

Additionally, they can change the price later, or charge customers for HD boxes and TV equipment, resulting in incremental revenue the customer might not notice. However, if you’re savvy enough to watch your bill and avoid unneeded equipment, it’s often possible to get Xfinity TV for free when you call to ask for a lower bill.

Check for data overage fees and set limits if needed

It is a no brainer that going over your data limit is going to incur extra charges. To avoid additional costs from data usage, you can consider limiting your data usage and be within your Comcast service provider’s limits.

Example bills here: Note there is a courtesy month.

Ask for Extension of Data Cap

You can also negotiate with Comcast to give you a deal with an extended data cap. Asking for this deal could be at no charge to you or at a very minimal cost. It is better to secure a deal that comes at no extra cost to you so that you can reduce the bill effectively.

However, in a scenario where such a deal is not available, you need to ensure that you do not go over the limit for your data usage to ensure that you do not get an inflated bill at the end of the month.

Set Boundaries for Your Internet Usage

Gaming and using streaming services have the potential to make you go over your data cap. You will need to be mindful of these limitations, set boundaries around your internet usage, and try not to go overboard. You can access your Xfinity account’s usage meter to check how much data you have already used in a given month and trim your data usage to be well within the data cap.

Remember That Xfinity Charges for Excess Usage

Xfinity sets the data cap for you depending on the plan you have chosen. When you have exceeded this limit, you will receive an email stating that you have exceeded the said limit, and Comcast could also charge you for any excess internet usage.

Usually, Xfinity allows you to exceed your data cap on two instances without charging you an extra sum for those months. Still, if you exceed your data cap for more than two occasions in a single year, Comcast could charge you an extra sum. This extra amount is approximately $10 for every 50 GB of additional data that you consume. The extra charge is also limited to $200.

Whether it is $10 or $200, it is still a hole in your pocket, and you must do the best you can to avoid an extra charge. Xfinity also offers an unlimited data program. The program offers you access to unlimited data at just $50 a month. So, if you are aware that you will be using a ton of data, this plan will be quite suitable for you.

Be Consistent in Your Use of Data

Another thing to bear in mind is that any unused data will not roll over to the next month. So, disparate use of data is not going to help either. You will need to be consistent in your use of data and be mindful that the data cap is reset each month.

Switch to DSL or Fiber

To effectively negotiate with Comcast, you will first need to know all the other options available to you apart from Comcast. For this, thorough market research will help you figure out what is best suited for your needs.

Check out other cable and internet service providers in your area and compare the services and the costs before diving in to negotiate with Comcast. Some of the key areas that you can consider when you run a comparison include:

  • Data cap
  • Number of channels
  • Internet speed
  • Equipment rental fee
  • Overall cost
  • Customer support
  • Frequency of discounts
  • Other freebies

Once you have all this information, you can check how much you stand to gain by negotiating with Comcast. You will also have data points for any query so that you know what you are asking. It will also show that you are trying to be fair to Comcast while looking out for your interests at the same time.

Suppose there is a dramatic difference in the pricing and services. In that case, you might have to consider whether you would want to switch to another cable and internet provider, or you could mention the huge gap in price to your Comcast service representative. Hopefully, the customer retention team may even agree to match its competitor’s price, thereby lowering your Comcast Xfinity bill.

Sign up as a new customer

One of the simplest ways to qualify for a new customer rate with Xfinity is to simply cancel your service and sign up again. The issue is that you’re in their system as an existing customer.

There are a few ways around this, but the simplest is to simply have a spouse or roommate sign up for the new account. This lets you technically be a new customer without violating their terms of service, although you might run into trouble if you try and switch back and forth more than once.

Some customers have reported being able to qualify under their same name and phone number after 30 days or so, but for most of us, going more than 30 days without home internet is not really viable.


Does Xfinity lower your price if you bundle mobile and internet?

Xfinity does not currently discount internet if you buy mobile service from them. However, the bill for mobile is likely to be lower than going directly with Verizon, since Comcast is a discount provider. The service comes with less data, but allows you to achieve a much lower bill by tethering to WiFi and using the public WiFi network. In this regard, it’s similar to Google Fi.

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  • Comcast bill prices almost always increase after the first 12 months of service. This is the most common reason for the price to change.
  • Second-year customers can often get an extension of the first-year promotion credit, if they negotiate politely with customer service or retention.
  • TV plans are the key to getting the best Comcast price. You can either remove channels to get a cheaper package that still meets your basic needs, cut the cord to remove it, or add TV to existing service for a reduction — depending on current promotions.

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