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ConnectCalifornia Market Research & Consulting

ConnectCalifornia is a market research firm and boutique consultancy for broadband and related connected home service companies in the California market.

Mission & Management

We specialize in drawing custom insights from open state data, as well as building proprietary data sets and tracking trends for California ISPs. We use these insights to help ISPs (primarily WISPs and overbuilders) find and retain customers in competitive markets, with a special focus on the organic search channel.

ConnectCalifornia is managed by Jameson Zimmer, a broadband market analyst with a special focus on residential internet pricing trends and online customer aquisition for ISPs.

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Jameson Zimmer
Broadband Market Analyst
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ConnectCalifornia Research Areas

We're broadly interested in competitive services solving the digital divide in California, such as fiber overbuilders and niche WISP operators. We believe that the future of connectivity will be a local affair solved by local efforts, both public and private.

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Broadband Service Pricing

We're tracking pricing trends for connected services in the California market
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California Digital Divide

We're publishing helpful content for consumers seeking better internet alternatives for home and office
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California Low-Income Access

We're conducting research into low-income access programs and new ways to bring underserved areas online

ConnectCalifornia Consulting Offerings

Our consulting offerings include:

  • Lead generation consulting: apply our years of local SEO experience to your business to make sure potential customers can easily find you online
  • Polling: assistance gathering consumer sentiment data for market entry
  • Pricing analysis: research into pricing optimization for local ISPs

ConnectCalifornia Reports

Public research and reporting on broadband development in California.

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