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How to fix blinking red light on Spectrum Wi-Fi routers

A blinking red light on a Spectrum Wi-Fi router indicates that the device is unable to reconnect to the internet. This issue is common after Spectrum service outages, particularly with the most common Wave 2 and WiFi 6 router models. A reboot of the hardware will typically restore the Wi-Fi. However, a factory reset or equipment replacement may be required if the issue persists or repeats throughout the day.

How to fix Equipment replacement

Wi-Fi Router light status Meaning Action needed
Blinking red Router can't connect to internet Reboot hardware, check for line damage
Solid red Unresolved error Check ethernet cables, reboot or replace hardware
Blinking blue Router attempting to connect to internet Wait 1–3 minutes
Solid blue Router is connected to internet No action needed
Alternating red/blue flashes Router is updating firmware Do not disconnect or interrupt

In this article, I’ll walk you through exactly how to fix the blinking red light on your Spectrum Wi-Fi router.

First, we’ll carefully reboot the equipment. There are two ways to reboot your Wi-Fi router and modem with Spectrum. Neither of them are complex, but the order of steps is important.

If that doesn’t work, we’ll proceed to look for issues with the ethernet cable connecting the devices, and with your home wiring.

If your internet isn’t back on by that point, I’ll leave you with a few shortcuts and tips for your call with Spectrum customer support.

Note: check your router make and model

These instructions assume you have one of Spectrum's most common routers, which in 2024 are the Wave 2 and WiFi 6 models. These routers are very simple; they only have one light on the exterior, which is either red or blue depending on connection status. Identify which you have using the illustration below:

Example photos of Specrum's most common router make and models.
This guide applies to Spectrum's WiFi 6 router, as well as the common Wave 2 models: RAC2V1S/RAC2V2S, RAC2V1K, and RAC2V1A.

1. Check if there is an ongoing outage in your area

Before you even touch the router, pull out your smartphone and check Spectrum’s outage page.

There are a number of websites online that show up if you Google “Spectrum outage.” None of these websites know for sure if Spectrum is down; they just make estimates based on user complaints.

Therefore, if you want accurate local information on outages, the only way to get it is to engage with Spectrum network chat. You can also check the Spectrum mobile app using your mobile service. Based on our research into Spectrum outage length, you can expect service to be back up in eight hours or less.

Screenshot showing how to find Spectrum outage information.
Spectrum provides outage information by chat. Click this button to engage the chat.

If there is an ongoing outage, you’ll have to wait until it’s fixed to begin troubleshooting your connection.

If there was a recent outage, that’s actually good news; seeing a blinking red light is normal after outages, and is caused by issues with the IP address associated with the connection. 99% of cases are fixed with the simple reboot instructions below:

2. Attempt a basic restart of router and modem

The modem leased with Spectrum service has a round restart button on the front, near the bottom of the device.

Push and hold the restart button for 30 seconds, or until you see the lights flash to indicate it’s restarted.

Screenshot showing how to find Spectrum outage information.
The restart button is located on the front of Spectrum standard modems. Do not press the "reset" button on the back of either device.

If it’s working properly, all the lit icons on the modem will flash off and back on again, then continue blinking for another 5–30 seconds while it reconnects to the internet.

Once connected, the modem should have a solid blue light for the “online” icon at the top, and the router should have a solid blue light indicating that your Wi-Fi is working again.

3. Attempt to manually reboot router and modem

If you’re still offline, the next step is to do a manual reboot of the modem and router. We’ll do this by fully unplugging the power cables for both devices.

In theory, this isn’t any different from using the restart button. Still, it’s the only method that 100% guarantees the equipment will fully shut down and restart.

This step applies to all modems and router models, not just Spectrum’s basic ones:

  1. Disconnect the modem power supply (black cable plugged into electrical outlet).
  2. Disonnect the router power supply.
  3. Wait for one minute.
  4. Reconnect the modem power supply.
  5. Wait until both the “online” and “power” lights are solid blue. Don’t worry about the “voice” and “batter” icons.
  6. Reconnect the router power supply.
  7. Wait 1–2 minutes. The router should flash blue while it reconnects, then switch to solid blue once your Wi-Fi network is ready for use.

If the light goes back to blinking red, chances are we’re going to have to call Spectrum support. There are just a couple unlikely culprits to test out before making the call:

4. Check if modem is online

It’s common for the the Wi-Fi router to flash red even though the modem has a solid blue light by the “online” icon.

However, if the modem “online” icon is flashing or red, it means you are not connected to the internet with either device.

Detail of the icons on Spectrum modem.

If the modem "online" light never turns to solid blue, it means the issue is with the Spectrum network. You can attempt to diagnosis this using the Spectrum app.

If you found that confusing, here’s a quick explanation of the difference between a “modem” and “router.”

There are two pieces of equipment involved in making your home Wi-Fi work:

  1. Modem: the device that connects to the coaxial jack in your wall.
  2. Router: the device that generates your Wi-Fi network.
Illustration of how modem and router work together to make Wi-Fi.
The modem connects your home to the internet, while the router generates Wi-Fi for connecting to your devices.

If you only see one device, it means you have a “combo” modem/router unit. The directions above still apply; there’s just one power supply instead of two.

5. Check for flashing lights in ethernet ports

If your modem’s “online” icon is solid blue, but the router is still flashing or solid red, it means the issue is virtually guaranteed to be with the modem-router connection.

When you look behind the router, you’ll find an ethernet cable connecting it to the modem. When installed correctly, this cable goes between the orange “ethernet” port on modem and the yellow “internet” port on the router.

Back of Spectrum WiFi 6 router, showing ethernet cable port.
Look for the yellow cable attached to the yellow "internet" port on the back of your router.

When the cable is working, you should see one or both ports flickering yellow or white. This indicates that the cable is transmitting data normally.

If you don’t see any light at all on the back, this is a sign of a broken router. You’ll have to call support and request a replacement.

6. Check for obvious damage to coaxial line and drop

At this point, you’ve ruled out most common issues that can be solved by rebooting equipment or replacing small items like the ethernet cable.

The last thing to do before calling support is to check for obvious issues with the coaxial cable that connects to the modem.

The coax cable runs from the modem, through your house or building, and — usually — out to the telepone pole outside.

There are two common places you’ll see damage to the cable:

  1. Close to where it connects to the modem, look for cinches or a crushed cable. It’s worth untwisting it and re-attaching to the modem just to make sure it’s secure.
  2. The drop between your house and the telephone pole. This is a common place for damage caused by squirrels or weather.
Example of cable drop on house.
Damage to cable drops is an uncommon but plausible cause of flashing red lights on a Spectrum modem or router.

7. Complete a factory reset of the router

There is a “factory reset” button on the back of most Spectrum routers.

Do not complete a factory reset unless you are very confident about setting up your Wi-Fi again. The process is not simple for non-techies, since you will likely have to find the admin panel, re-enter your password, and reconnect your devices.

However, this process can clear out and fix issues caused in older routers due to viruses, malicious access attempts by bots, and other “dust of time” that isn’t solved with a simple reboot.

8. Contact Spectrum for infield technician support

At this point, you have all the testing and information needed to make a call for Spectrum technical support.

Here are a few tips to make the conversation as fast as possible:

  1. Have your account number ready; it’s printed on bills.
  2. Make sure you can access the back of the modem and router to find information like the MAC address. They may need this to do a remote test.
  3. Explain that you’ve already restarted, rebooted, and checked your ethernet and coax line for obvious issues.
  4. Let them know if the modem is “online” or “offline” (solid blue light for “online” icon means it’s online).

Spectrum customer support: (833) 267-6094

Permanent fix: use your own modem and router

If you're frustrated with recurring issues due to Spectrum equipment, there's a simple alternative: buy your own modem and router.

In addition to giving you much more control over your network reach and quality, you'll also save the $7+ per month they charge as a "Wi-Fi fee" for using their default equipment.

Here's a breakdown of how much you save monthly and annualy on each of the most cheapest Spectrum internet-only plans:

Plan NameMonthly price with WiFi feeMonthly price without WiFi feeWifi FeeWiFi fee cost per year
Spectrum Internet (300 Mbps)$86.99 ($56.99 first 12 months)$79.99 ($49.99 first 12 months)$7/mo.$84/yr.
Spectrum Internet Ultra (500 Mbps)$106.99 ($76.99 first 12 months)$99.99 ($69.99 first 12 months)$7/mo.$84/yr.

I've written up a full guide to swapping out your Spectrum modem and router here.

What does rebooting Spectrum router actually do?

Depending on your Spectrum service area and the equipment leased to you, rebooting the router may be something you do a couple times a year — or every single week.

Rebooting the router solves a wide variety of networking issues, including issues with routing data to your devices, issues finding and matching IP addresses on your local network, and issues resolving website URLs to IP addresses.

Needless to say, it also resets the connection with your internet service provider’s (ISP) network. This often solves any issue on the ISP side related to identifying your modem, MAC address, etc.

Your router is essentially a little computer, complete with it’s own operating system (firmware) and memory, which contains tables of information needed to manage your local network and generate Wi-Fi connections.

Rebooting or restarting the device clears out all the existing data stored on the router, and resets the connection to the internet provider. The fact that it solves all the problems outlined above is why it’s the first step instructed by technical support when you call in with Wi-Fi issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a blinking red light mean on Spectrum Wi-Fi router?

On Spectrum's most common Wave 2 and WiFi 6 routers, a blinking or flashing red light means that the router cannot connect to the internet. This issue is most common after an outage, when the modem is connected to the internet but the router is struggling to connect to the modem.

What does a red light on a Spectrum router mean?

A solid red light with no blinking or flashing indicates a fatal unresolved error on a Spectrum router. Rebooting or resetting the router may resolve the issue, but equipment or wiring replacement is likely.

How do I fix the red light on my Spectrum router?

Whether the red light on your Spectrum router is blinking or solid red, the process to fix it can be summarized as:

  1. Reboot the router
  2. Check the ethernet cable between router and modem
  3. Call Spectrum customer service to inspect equipment and cables

Why does Spectrum modem keep looping between power, online, and voice icons?

When the lights on a Spectrum modem loop between the power, online, and voice icons, it means that the modem is updating its firmware. Do not unplug or attempt to reset; the process normally takes just 10–20 minutes, but interrupting it can damage the device.

What's the difference between a reboot, restart, and power cycle?

Reboot, restart, and power cycle restart all refer to the same thing: turning off power to a device to clear it's memory and solve basic network issues. In the context of Wi-Fi routers and modems, these terms are often confused with factory resets, which clear all user preferences and settings.

Page Summary
  • Equipment reboot resolves most internet connection issues indicated by a blinking red light on Spectrum routers.
  • Equipment replacement may be needed if the issue fails to resolve, or occurs regularly.
  • Wiring replacement is needed in rare cases where equipment has been damaged or shows defects.

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