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Spectrum Internet Deals and Promotions in Long Beach

Spectrum internet-only packages in Long Beach start at $49.99 for 300 Mbps download speeds. The base speed for internet service has been increased to 300 down and 10 up as of 2024, which further increases scheduled for 2025–2026. TV bundle promotions locally start at $89.99 per month, plus a $5 per month fee for sports channels covering national and local teams, including in-market Chargers games.

Set Up Service Call to order: (833) 438-1041

Current Deals in Long Beach Internet Speed Promotional Price Standard Rate Details
Spectrum Internet 300 Mbps $49.99/mo. $79.99/mo. View Deal
Spectrum Internet Ultra 500 Mbps $69.99/mo. $99.99/mo. View Deal
Spectrum Internet GIG 1000 Mbps $89.99/mo. $119.99/mo. View Deal

Best Internet-Only Plan Best TV Bundle Compare Internet Plans

Long Beach is an upgrade area for Spectrum, meaning that internet deals range in speed from 300–1,000 Mbps download. As of 2024, the $49.99 per month 300 Mbps internet-only plan is the most popular package in the area.

Because of strong competition for internet service from Frontier’s fiber network, pricing for Spectrum deals is competitive in Long Beach. Although the current promotional deals expire after 12 months, customers report success calling and getting the initial promotional price reset in most cases.

Recommended internet-only deal

For most homes, the Spectrum 300 Mbps plan is the best pick among the three deals offered by Spectrum.

300 Mbps is more than enough to handle streaming HD and 4K video to three or more screens, including widescreens. It’s also sufficient for a basic home office setup, and is more than double the requirements for streamed gaming platforms like Stadia or Twitch.

The only caveat with this plan is the 10 Mbps upload speed, which is enough for HD video calls but challenging for working with large files, e.g. uploading video content. The plan also has a $7/month Wi-Fi router fee — which is half the fee for competing AT&T plans locally, but still something to factor in when making the choice.

  • Promotional deal: $49.99/month
  • Standard rate: $79.99/month
  • Installation: free self-install included.
  • Fees: $7/month Wi-Fi router fee.
Order Spectrum Internet: (833) 438-1041

Recommended Spectrum TV and Internet Bundle

For casual family TV viewing and a more serious sports lineup, we recommend the base TV pakage (called Select).

NFL programming is an add-on within the $5/month Sports Pack. This includes regional channels like ESPN and ABC. As with all package tiers, you can pay for season passes through the Spectrum interface for league games like MLB and NHL.

This plan also includes HBO Max and Showtime, in addition to 125+ other cable channels like Fox News, Cartoon Network, Food Network, BBC, and BET.

Order Spectrum TV Select: (833) 438-1041

Quick tips to get the best spectrum price possible in Long Beach

Long Beach Spectrum customers can get the best deal by doing two things:

  1. Use your own router to drop the $7/month Wi-Fi fee.
  2. Call after the first 12 months to reset your promotional rate.

Here’s how to follow through:

How to get a free Wi-Fi deal

Spectrum papers Long Beach with fliers promising a “free modem,” but this doesn’t mean your equipment is free — you need both a modem and a Wi-Fi router for your internet to produce Wi-Fi.

… Naturally, they charge an extra $7 per month for the Wi-Fi router.

The easiest way to get rid of this fee is to simply use your own router. (See our article on using your own router with Spectrum for a full guide.) Note that using your own router will void some tech support, and you’ll have to set up the Wi-Fi network yourself. It’s not hard, but if you’re intimidated at the thought of setting up a Roku or smart speaker, you might be better off just paying the $7 per month.

To be fair, Spectrum actually charges less than half what Frontier and AT&T charge for Wi-Fi router rentals in Long Beach. The cost of a router is about $60–100, so it’s only worth considering if you’re going to be a Spectrum customer for more than a year.

How to retain your first-year promotional price

$79.99 for 300 Mbps may seem like a good deal compared to other options in Long Beach like Frontier and AT&T, but it comes with a catch: the promotional rate times out after one year.

Once the promo runs out, you’re charged the standard rate for the plan. At this time, the standard rate for Spectrum’s 300 Mbps internet-only plan is $79.99.

Spectrum offer mailers for TV add-ons
If you subscribe to Spectrum internet, expect 2–3 mail offers per month encouraging you to sign up for TV and sports packages.

However, you can often get the promotion extended by calling and requesting it after the 12th month. Because there are several high-speed providers in the wider Long Beach area, Spectrum is relatively flexible about handing out extended promotions.

Note that you usually can’t get the full promotion back — what’s most common is for them to offer a $5–10 monthly discount, which adds up to $60–120 per year in savings.

Spectrum internet-only prices in Long Beach

Spectrum Internet

  • Speed in Long Beach: 300 Mbps download, 10 Upload
  • Price in Long Beach: $49.99/month (discounted from $79.99)

The spectrum standard 300 Mbps plan is best for homes with 1–3 users who primarily use the internet for entertainment.

Spectrum Internet Review Order Plan

Spectrum Internet Ultra

  • Speed in Long Beach: 500 Mbps download, 20 Upload
  • Price in Long Beach: $69.99/month (discounted from $99.99)

The Spectrum Ultra plan is best for homes with 2–5 users, with 1–2 people working from home.

Spectrum Internet Ultra Review Order Plan

Spectrum Internet GIG

  • Speed in Long Beach: 1000 Mbps download, 35 Upload
  • Price in Long Beach: $89.99/month (discounted from $119.99)

The Spectrum Gig plan is intended for power users, and is best suited to large households of 5+ people or home offices.

Spectrum Internet GIG Review Order Plan

Spectrum double-play bundles in Long Beach

Plan NameSpeedPromotional PriceStandard RateChannelsNFL Network
TV Select + Internet300 Mbps$109.98/mo$159.98125+Not Included
TV Ultra + Internet Ultra500 Mbps$129.98/mo$179.98125+Included
Mi Plan latino + Internet300 Mbps$89.98/mo$134.98140+Included
Mi Plan latino + Internet Ultra500 Mbps$109.98/mo$154.98140+Included

Spectrum Sports TV Package Review

The main reason to consider Spectrum’s TV packages in Long Beach is the sports access.

While you can get most regional and national games via streaming, getting all in-market and out-of-market games across multiple sports is challenging and can be as or more expensive than cable. Spectrum gives you full access between ESPN, FOX, CBS, and NFL Network.

Spectrum TV plans aren’t cheap, but they make it simple to access 100% of the sports content you might want, without any fussing about location or blackouts for relevant local teams like the Los Angeles Chargers.

Plan upgrade options

Spectrum has two plan upgrade options: Spectrum Ultra (500 Mbps) and Spectrum Gig (1,000 Mbps).

Long Beach has reasonably good cable infrastructure compared to other parts of California, so upgrading to gigabit download is an option throughout the area.

Spectrum offers in long beach.
Long Beach is has two widespread internet options with 100 Mbps or higher, so Spectrum will often extend the promotional deal for longer than one year to retain customers locally.

Is it worth the upgrade? In Long Beach, the answer is “no” for most homes: Spectrum upgrades mostly make sense for areas where the entry speed is 80 or 100 Mbps. 300 Mbps would have been considered 4X average just a few years ago. Unless you have multiple flatscreen 4K screens hooked up to Rokus around the house, $20–40 extra per month is not worth it.

Spectrum low-income offers in Long Beach

Spectrum’s low-income deal is available in Long Beach anywhere that has cable service — which is to say, virtually all standalone homes and most apartment buildings.

This plan comes with a $7 per month Wi-Fi router fee similar to the standard consumer plans, but it’s still dramatically cheaper and has twice the speed offered by competing low-income plans from AT&T and Frontier locally.

As of 2024, The main caveat to be aware of with low-income plans in Long Beach is that they use participation in other public assistance programs like SNAP to confirm eligibility. That means it’s not possible to qualify unless you use a qualifying program — even if you are within range of the poverty line in Long Beach.

Plan NameSpeed Down/UpMonthly PriceWiFi Fee
Spectrum Internet Assist30/4 Mbps$24.99/mo $7/mo

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cheapest Spectrum deal in Long Beach?

The cheapest Spectrum Deal in Long Beach is the 300 Mbps standard internet-only plan. Including the Wi-Fi router, this plan is currently available at a promotional rate of $54.99 per month, with free no-charge installation.

What channel is NFL on Spectrum in Long Beach?

The NFL Network is on channel 310 in the Long Beach area.

Does Spectrum have senior discounts in Long Beach?

Spectrum does not currently have any senior discounts in Long Beach. However, they do have low-income plans for qualifying households. Fixed-income seniors often qualify, if they participate in other assistance programs like SNAP or Lifeline.

Does Spectrum have student discounts in Long Beach?

Spectrum does not offer student discounts in Long Beach, including campus housing for California State University.

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