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How to Cancel AT&T Internet Service (Without Fees)

Most AT&T internet account cancellations can be completed within two hours including equipment returns. Internet-only plans no longer feature early termination fees. However, TV and landline bundle plans still incur termination fees up to $360 depending on contract length. Leased equipment (WiFi gateway, DVR, etc) must be returned within 21 days of cancellation to avoid $75–200 replacement fees. Final bills are not prorated.

Cancellation Fee Amount Terms
Internet termination fee $0–80 Only applied to legacy DSL customer accounts
TV, Landline termination fees $15–360 $15 charge for each month remaining in contract
Equipment replacement fees $75–200+ Only applied for missing equipment

Cancel service Return equipment Pause service FAQ

Canceling AT&T internet service can be time consuming even before you factor in their retention system.

On top of that, cancellations can trigger surprise fees or unexpected cutoffs if done incorrectly.

I’ve interviewed dozens of AT&T customers to put together this guide, which will help you cancel your AT&T internet service in 15 minutes instead of eight hours… without incurring a bunch of extra fees in the process.

Be sure to review the table of common fees and penalties below. Canceling internet service should be free, so you’ll want to know about those before you pull the plug.

Quick Tips

  • Prorated bills: AT&T was one of several major internet providers who stopped prorating bills for cancellations in 2019. When you cancel, you’re on the hook for the full month. If you cancel on the last day, you’re on the hook for the next one as well.
  • Early termination fees: termination fees no longer apply for internet-only service started in 2021–2022. AT&T stopped requiring contracts on internet-only plans in fall of 2020. Plans started before then may have a partial termination fee, but $80 is the maximum amount as of this writing.
  • Equipment returns: you have 21 days from your termination date to return any leased equipment such as your modem, WiFi gateway, etc.

1. Pay any outstanding account balances

In order to cancel AT&T internet service, you’ll need to make sure you have no outstanding balances on any AT&T product.

This includes non-internet products like TV, DirecTV, landline phone, or even small business connectivity services.

The reason for doing this is to avoid them using the situation to levy late fees, and to make sure you’re in a good position if there are any disputes about equipment or restocking fees.

2. Check if you’re under contract

While internet-only plans from AT&T do not require contracts, TV and phone bundles often come with two-year contract terms.

This means that if you cancel service before the 1–2 year contract period, you’re on the hook for paying an “early termination fee.”

With AT&T, the termination fee is based on a prorating of the time left in your contract up to a max of $180 for 1-year contracts and $360 for 2-year contracts.

If you are under contract, cancelling service means you have to pay $15 for every month left in your contract. For example, if you cancel after one and a half years of service on a two-year contract TV bundle, you’ll have to pay $90 to cancel.

AT&T changed their policy in October 2020 to remove contracts from internet-only plans and introduce 2-year contracts as an option for TV and phone bundles.
Plan typeContract requirementEarly Termination fee
Internet-onlyNo contracts starting Oct 2020Free, max $80 for legacy customers
TV bundlesContract optional$15 per remaining month, max $180/$360
Phone bundlesContract optional$15 per remaining month, max $180/$360

In 2024, AT&T no longer has contracts for internet-only service. However, they still offer contracts as an enticement for lower pricing and unlimited DVR storage on the AT&T TV bundle packages. (See our AT&T pricing page for more information.)

If you’re under contract, no advance payment is needed — they’ll provide a final bill after you cancel with the termination fee as a line item.

3. Request cancellation with AT&T by phone

AT&T no longer permits customers to cancel fully online, by mail, or by visiting a retail store. The only way to cancel as of 2024 is to call customer service with your account information and complete a cancellation request live on the phone.

The only exception here is for DSL customers, who AT&T is less keen to retain. In some cases, these accounts can be cancelled fully online. (If they don’t reach out to “cancel” it for you when they stop supporting the local network.)1

Spectrum account screenshot.
Cancelling AT&T internet service fully online is only possible for legacy DSL customers.

Note for AT&T Fiber customers: the AT&T Wi-Fi router (the one with flashing lights you reset during outages) should be returned, while the ONT (network terminal device on the side of the house or crawl space) is typically left in place.

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How to cancel AT&T internet service by phone

Cancelling AT&T by phone can take a long time if you get caught up in their retention scripts.

Follow these directions to skip through the phone tree faster:

  1. Call the AT&T customer service line at 1–800–288–2020
  2. If not identified by your phone number, they’ll verify your account number or other means of identification.
  3. Say “cancel service” as your reason for the call.
  4. Say “internet” when they ask what service you’re calling about.
  5. Once a person comes on the line, request a cancellation. If they start a long routine about retention or service transfer, a quick way to shorten the call is to state that you're moving "out of the USA."
  6. Make sure to request a cancellation date that is before your next billing period. Otherwise, you’re on the hook for another full month.
  7. They’ll run you through the equipment return requirements, and give you a “return authorization number.” Be sure to write that down, it’s needed for your UPS equipment return.

It’s a bit ridiculous, but saying you’re moving out of the US is the easiest way to cut off the “what if we can serve you at the new address…” script the agents are required to use before completing your request.

4. Return equipment and keep receipts (UPS)

As of 2024, AT&T has updated their policy to only accept equipmenbt returns via UPS. As part of the process after you call, AT&T will send you a shipping label pre-paid along with an equipment return authorization number. UPS handles equipment returns for most major internet providers, so they will know what to do when you show up.

Bring the following for a UPS return:

  • Pre-paid shipping label (AT&T will mail or email it to you when you cancel).
  • Return authorization number (needed to identify your account and confirm the return).
  • Equipment, in original packaging if possible. Otherwise, pack neatly in your own box.
  • Any ethernet wires, power cords, or other accessories that came with the equipment. (In practice they’ll often forgive losing ethernet or coax cables, but technically they’re required for a valid return.)
AT&T Equipment return optionDescriptionPrice
UPSMail-in using return authorization number and pre-paid shipping label provided by AT&TFree
Home pickupNot currently availableN/A

You have 21 days from your cancellation date to return leased equipment before they consider it lost and bill you for it.

This is very important, because the fees they charge for missing, lost, or unreturned equipment are quite high — readers have sent in figures much higher than the actual cost of equivalent equipment.

AT&T charges two variable fees related to equipment returns:

  1. Damaged equipment fee
  2. Non-return equipment fee

Both are essentially a full equipment replacement fee.

Here are some examples, but note that the final rates vary based on what specific make and models you have:

These equipment non-return fee estimates are based on reader write-ins and AT&T rate sheets. Actual fees may vary.
Equipment typeExample replacement fee
WiFI Gateway$100+
Full internet-only package$200+

The fine print you agree to with AT&T internet service reserves them the right to charge pretty much any fee they want for equipment replacement.

On top of that, AT&T equipment doesn’t work with other internet companies. As such, if you forget to return it, pay the fee, then find it, you’re potentially stuck with equipment you can’t use in the future.

While they say you can return it after 21 days and get an account credit within 2 months, there’s no guarantee that the credit converts to cash. In practice, customers have reported issues getting the fee removed once they are no longer a customer.

5. Check for surprise billings after last day of billing period

The final step in cancelling AT&T internet service is the most important: check that you don’t have any extra fees pop up after the fact.

Ideally, you should check your account on the day after cancellation and again after the last date in your last month’s billing cycle, if they’re not the same date.

This is particularly important if completing your return online or by phone and mail, rather than in person at an AT&T storefront.

If you completed the steps above correctly, you should have these papers on hand for any disputed fees:

  1. A copy of your receipt from any visits to the AT&T store
  2. An emailed or printed statement of your cancellation request
  3. The UPS shipping receipt along with the return authorization number from AT&T for your equipment

6. Dispute any additional fees or mistake billings immediately

If you find any additional fees or receive unexpected charges or bills after cancelling, you can dispute the charges through AT&T directly by stating “dispute charge” at their customer service line, which should put you through to a human in their billing department.

If unable to resolve with billing, I recommend that you pay the bill to avoid it going to collections, which can impact your credit.

How to Upgrade or Downgrade an AT&T Internet Plan

You can upgrade and downgrade your internet plan through your AT&T account online. However, you will usually have to get on the phone at some point in the process to finalize or handle equipment exchanges.

AT&T has different equipment for different plans, especially when switching from Gigabit to 100 Mbps or vice-versa.

DSL or IPBB internet plans (AKA all non-fiber plans) require a phone call. Some fiber internet plans can be changed totally online.

Adding TV can be done fully online, but removing TV requires phone or in-store assistance and equipment returns.

How to Transfer AT&T Internet Service When Moving

Can you transfer AT&T internet service when you move? Yes. You simply call 800-288-2020 and request a “service transfer.”

Should you? Well, it depends.

If you’re moving to a home that also gets AT&T internet service, you should check that it’s equivalent to what you already have. AT&T maintains two service areas: a copper-based DSL service area, and a smaller AT&T Fiber service area.

If you’re moving into a fiber area, it’s a good choice. Provided your current service is fiber, you can even use the same equipment and avoid the hassle or returns and pickups.

If your new address is not in a fiber area, though, you should really check for faster/cheaper options like Spectrum or Xfinity before you lock in an AT&T internet transfer.

AT&T’s non-fiber service areas, which comprise the majority of their footprint nationwide, are generally slower than basic cable and much slower than fiber-optic providers like Google Fiber or Ting.

Here are some common alternatives to AT&T internet:

How to Pause AT&T Internet Service (Vacation, Medical Leave, Etc)

Pausing your AT&T internet service is a great way to save money if you’re a snowbird with two homes, or simply planning to be out of town for two months or more at a time.

AT&T will allow you to pause your internet service for free under the following circumstances:

  • Military deployment
  • Natural disasters

Otherwise, service pauses come with a $7 per month fee and a few restraints on how much you can use it:

  • Notice of pause: must be given 10–30 days before pause begins.
  • Minimum pause period: 60 days.
  • Maximum pause period: 270 days.

Note: if you pause your service during the first year, the first-year pricing will still expire on the 12-month anniversary of your service start date. Promotions and discounts cannot be paused for use in later months.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does AT&T Internet have a satisfaction guarantee?

AT&T’s customer service agreement permits internet customers to cancel service within the first 14 days of service at no charge, if they are no satisfied with service for any reason. However, after 14 days, at least the first month service charges, install fees, and equipment fees will be charged.

Does AT&T prorate final bills?

AT&T stopped the practice of prorating final bills for internet and TV/phone bundle customers in 2019, like most major internet service providers. Mobile accounts can be prorated, but all other services incur the full final month of service charges and fees when canceled.

Is there a cancellation fee for AT&T?

Prior to October 2020, AT&T promoted 1–2 year contracts for internet-only service and charged an early termination fee of $15 for each month left in a contract up to a max of $180/year. As of 2024, internet-only plans from AT&T no longer require contracts. However, contracts are still in place as an option for TV and phone bundles, with the same $15 per month termination fee policy.

What is the AT&T cancellation number?

Customers can cancel AT&T internet service by calling their main customer service line at (800) 288-2020 and selecting “cancel service.” AT&T also has a paid support line for more advanced requests: (866) 294-3464.

Questions or Suggestions?

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Page Summary
  • Online cancellation Is only an option for AT&T DSL customers as of 2024.
  • $75+ non-returned equipment fees are charged for missing or defective equipment, if damaged by customer misuse.
  • AT&T no longer requires contracts for internet only plans, meaning that any customer who started service in 2022 should not have to worry about early termination fees. Contracts are still an option for some TV and phone bundles.

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