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Fiber Internet Service Providers in California

There are 82 fiber internet service providers in California as of our last data update in 2024.

Our count is based on FCC provider filings, updated manually to account for mergers, closures, and new company formations. 1 The majority of fiber service providers in California are small, niche business and enterprise providers focused on a specific area or industry.

Of the 82 fiber internet providers in California, 33 offer residential services, and 79 offer business services. 30 providers in the state offer both residential and business service.

California fiber internet providers summary

ProviderPopulation CoveredDownload SpeedUpload SpeedServices Offered
Crown Castle Fiber73760291000 Mbps1000 MbpsBusiness
AT&T64383121000 Mbps1000 MbpsResidential
Frontier Communications Corporation5211122100 Mbps100 MbpsResidential, business.
Sonic272729510000 Mbps10000 MbpsResidential, business.
Vast Networks13153011000 Mbps1000 MbpsResidential, business.
Charter Communications Inc991576940 Mbps35 MbpsResidential, business.
TPx Communications5322021000 Mbps1000 MbpsBusiness
Ultimate Internet Access, Inc.5239581000 Mbps1000 MbpsResidential, business.
Consolidated Communications4784601000 Mbps1000 MbpsResidential, business.
Cox Communications1336091000 Mbps1000 MbpsResidential, business.
PAETEC Communications, Inc.850951000 Mbps1000 MbpsBusiness
Sebastian77121200 Mbps100 MbpsResidential, business.
EarthLink Business, LLC728901000 Mbps1000 MbpsBusiness
Race Communications534641000 Mbps1000 MbpsResidential, business.
Zayo Group, LLC318311000 Mbps1000 MbpsBusiness
Google Fiber California, LLC280541000 Mbps1000 MbpsResidential, business.
Digital West Networks Inc21640200 Mbps200 MbpsBusiness
Spectrotel19459500 Mbps500 MbpsBusiness
Wave17073100 Mbps10 MbpsBusiness
XO Communications156611000 Mbps1000 MbpsBusiness
Consolidated Smart Broadband Systems, LLC15220500 Mbps50 MbpsResidential, business.
Webpass, Inc.142161000 Mbps1000 MbpsResidential, business.
UTILITY TELECOM118951000 Mbps1000 MbpsBusiness
ALLSTREAM BUSINESS US, INC.11208300 Mbps300 MbpsBusiness
Sierra Tel Internet1043750 Mbps25 MbpsResidential, business.
Cogent Communications97811000 Mbps1000 MbpsBusiness
NetFortris Acquisition Co., Inc.85471000 Mbps1000 MbpsBusiness
Plumas Sierra80911000 Mbps1000 MbpsResidential, business.
Cal-Ore Communications Inc.673350 Mbps4 MbpsResidential, business.
Tierzero61131000 Mbps1000 MbpsBusiness
Anza Electric Cooperative60541000 Mbps1000 MbpsResidential, business.
Volcano Communications Company5771100 Mbps100 MbpsResidential, business.
CyberNet56161000 Mbps1000 MbpsBusiness
Call One Inc5594100 Mbps100 MbpsBusiness
Suddenlink Communications54161000 Mbps1000 MbpsBusiness
Velocity Communications, Inc.3599250 Mbps250 MbpsBusiness
San Bruno Cable33831000 Mbps1000 MbpsResidential
Siskiyou Telephone Company3248200 Mbps200 MbpsResidential, business.
Comcast31911000 Mbps1000 MbpsResidential, business.
Tailwind Voiceand Data261925 Mbps25 MbpsBusiness
Ponderosa Edge235050 Mbps20 MbpsResidential, business.
CALTEL Connections2219200 Mbps200 MbpsResidential, business.
ONE Burbank21701000 Mbps1000 MbpsResidential, business.
California Telecom, Inc.17350 Mbps0 MbpsBusiness
SRC1305250 Mbps250 MbpsResidential, business.
Unwired Ltd12681000 Mbps1000 MbpsBusiness
Tekify Fiber & Wireless11601000 Mbps1000 MbpsResidential, business.
golden valley cable and comm972100 Mbps100 MbpsBusiness
One Ring Networks961200 Mbps200 MbpsResidential, business.
McLeodUSA Telecommunications Services, L.L.C.6961000 Mbps1000 MbpsBusiness
Etheric Networks, Inc.5601000 Mbps1000 MbpsBusiness
Fusion5461000 Mbps1000 MbpsBusiness
Ponderosa Telephone Company526500 Mbps100 MbpsResidential, business.
SNET45550 Mbps50 MbpsBusiness
Bullseye3751000 Mbps1000 MbpsBusiness
GeoLinks3461000 Mbps1000 MbpsResidential, business.
Southern California Edison Company3240 Mbps0 MbpsBusiness
Norcast Telecom Networks251200 Mbps200 MbpsBusiness
Fusion Cloud Services, LLC172100 Mbps100 MbpsBusiness
Syringa Networks LLC167100 Mbps100 MbpsBusiness
Ind-Co Cable TV Inc.1255 Mbps5 MbpsBusiness
Pacific Lightwave Inc11950 Mbps25 MbpsResidential, business.
Panterra65100 Mbps50 MbpsBusiness
FT MOJAVE TELECOMMUNICATIONS1625 Mbps3 MbpsResidential, business.
Gorge Networks101000 Mbps1000 MbpsBusiness
Broad Communication Solutions, LLC40 Mbps0 MbpsBusiness
C Spire21000 Mbps1000 MbpsBusiness
Enqwest LLC25 Mbps5 MbpsResidential, business.
Exwire Inc.3100 Mbps10 MbpsBusiness
Headland Communications3200 Mbps200 MbpsBusiness
LSNetworks21000 Mbps1000 MbpsBusiness
Starry, Inc.5200 Mbps200 MbpsResidential
Transtelco410 Mbps10 MbpsBusiness
CBTS Technology Solutions LLC00 Mbps0 MbpsBusiness
Compudyne0100 Mbps100 MbpsBusiness
DoveTel Communications LLC0100 Mbps100 MbpsBusiness
InterGlobe01.5 Mbps1.5 MbpsBusiness
InterVista Networking025 Mbps25 MbpsBusiness
Orange Business Service U.S., Inc.11000 Mbps1000 MbpsBusiness
Softcom Internet Communications, Inc.01000 Mbps1000 MbpsBusiness
Telesystem01.5 Mbps1.5 MbpsBusiness
TelNet Worldwide, Inc.050 Mbps50 MbpsBusiness

Fiber internet expansion in California

While fiber to the home service is usually associated with local upstarts like Sonic or California municipal providers like Beverly Hills Fiber, the bulk of fiber buildout in California actually comes from major incumbents, primarily AT&T.

When AT&T merged with DirecTV in 2015, the FCC imposed a variety of requirements on the company in order to gain approval of what some saw as an anti-competitive merger. One of those was that they must expand to 12.5 Million new addresses. 2

In 2019, AT&T reported that they had built out fiber to 14.5 Million new homes, exceeding their FCC requirement by 2 Million. 3

This fiber to the home buildout was the largest fiber expansion in the later part of the 2010s, after Verizon Fios threw in the towel and sold their California network areas to Frontier 2016 and Google Fiber abandoned their attempt to build out fiber service in the LA area in 2017.

Top residential fiber internet providers in California

The five largest fiber internet providers in California by coverage area are:

  • AT&T: residential speeds up to 1000 Mbps
  • Frontier Communications Corporation: residential speeds up to 100 Mbps
  • Sonic: residential speeds up to 10000 Mbps
  • Vast Networks: residential speeds up to 1000 Mbps
  • Charter Communications Inc: residential speeds up to 940 Mbps

This page is based on a database of California-based internet service providers maintained by This page updates automatically as we update the database on a monthly basis. The last modification was made in September of September.

Page Summary
  • Fiber internet has approximately 25% coverage in California census block areas in 2020 — the count of buildings with access is likely much lower due to provider over-reporting with the FCC, and lack of visibility in MDUs.
  • Dark Fiber is common in California and many California cities offer municipal dark fiber services for business use, as an economic development strategy.
  • Fiber to the Home is relatively uncommon outside major cities in California, and even in Los Angeles only around half the city has fiber access.

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