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DSL Internet Service Providers in California

There are 40 DSL internet service providers in California as of our last data update in 2024.

Our count is based on FCC provider filings, updated manually to account for mergers, closures, and new company formations. 1

Of the 40 DSL internet providers in California, 19 offer residential services, and 39 offer business services. 18 providers in the state offer both residential and business service.

California DSL internet providers summary

ProviderPopulation CoveredDownload SpeedUpload SpeedServices Offered
AT&T26383128100 Mbps20 MbpsResidential
Frontier Communications Corporation884828025 Mbps2 MbpsResidential, business.
Raw Bandwidth Communications871630100 Mbps10 MbpsResidential, business.
Softcom Internet Communications, Inc.4153766 Mbps1.5 MbpsResidential, business.
PAETEC Communications, Inc.32046024 Mbps2 MbpsBusiness
EarthLink Business, LLC2296038 Mbps6 MbpsBusiness
Consolidated Communications21041515 Mbps3 MbpsResidential, business.
Sebastian 8682320 Mbps1 MbpsResidential, business.
South Valley Internet4774350 Mbps50 MbpsResidential, business.
Pacific Datavao4693624 Mbps3 MbpsBusiness
TPx Communications411381.5 Mbps1.5 MbpsBusiness
Impulse373853 Mbps1 MbpsResidential, business.
Sierra Tel Internet3566725 Mbps5 MbpsResidential, business.
UTILITY TELECOM26591100 Mbps100 MbpsBusiness
Norcast Telecom Networks20826212 Mbps212 MbpsBusiness
ALLSTREAM BUSINESS US, INC.19899100 Mbps100 MbpsBusiness
Volcano Communications Company1707450 Mbps5 MbpsResidential, business.
Ponderosa Telephone Company1534850 Mbps20 MbpsResidential, business.
TDS TELECOM10504100 Mbps15 MbpsResidential, business.
CALTEL Connections8716200 Mbps200 MbpsResidential, business.
Fusion Cloud Services, LLC638624 Mbps3 MbpsBusiness
Cal-Ore Communications Inc.605250 Mbps4 MbpsResidential, business.
Siskiyou Telephone Company592915 Mbps1.5 MbpsResidential, business.
Spectrotel305116 Mbps10 MbpsBusiness
Ducor Telephone Company296710 Mbps1 MbpsResidential, business.
McLeodUSA Telecommunications Services, L.L.C.292420 Mbps1.5 MbpsBusiness
CyberNet2197100 Mbps100 MbpsBusiness
Bullseye19730 Mbps0 MbpsBusiness
Exwire Inc.173840 Mbps4 MbpsResidential, business.
InterVista Networking11786 Mbps0.77 MbpsBusiness
Tailwind Voiceand Data76475 Mbps8 MbpsBusiness
Headland Communications35930 Mbps5 MbpsBusiness
Panterra12220 Mbps20 MbpsBusiness
Broadview Networks Holdings, Inc.161.5 Mbps0.5 MbpsBusiness
Blu Space Inc418 Mbps1.5 MbpsResidential, business.
New Horizons Communications Group23 Mbps0.77 MbpsBusiness
CenturyLink010 Mbps0.77 MbpsResidential, business.
Fusion01.5 Mbps1.5 MbpsBusiness
MassComm, LLC03 Mbps0.77 MbpsBusiness
SNET012 Mbps12 MbpsBusiness

What is DSL?

DSL stands for Digital Subscriber Line, and it refers to internet services provided over twisted-copper telephone lines. In California, the largest providers are AT&T and Frontier, as they are the incumbent telephone providers with infrastructure built out across California.

Since the early 2000s, both of these providers have been building out fiber to support the increased use of their networks for interest services. In major cities like Los Angeles, DSL providers have moved over to “IPBB” or “fiber to the node” network structures, where fiber lines are run from the provider centeral office (CO) and switches over to copper lines for a shorter distance between local nodes in neighborhoods and customer residences.

In rural parts of California, service is often still traditional DSL, which runs a copper line all the way from the provider’s CO to the customer — which results in signal fade and lower performance. It is commonly considered as a wired alternative to satellite internet for rural locations.

DSL speeds rarely exceed 100 Mbps, even when using fiber to the node in urban areas.

This page is based on a database of California-based internet service providers maintained by This page updates automatically as we update the database on a monthly basis. The last modification was made in September of September.

Page Summary
  • DSL is one of the most common types of internet acces in California, thanks to the wide reach of telecom infrastructure in urban, suburban, and rural parts of the state.
  • 95% of California census blocks have access to DSL internet service.
  • AT&T is the primary DSL telecom provider in California, providing internet as well as mobile and business services.

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