Anaheim Internet Access Facts and Statistics

Anaheim internet services are dominated by the local incumbent cable and DSL providers, Spectrum and AT&T. The city has strong residential fiber coverage through AT&T, although it is somewhat lower than in nearby Los Angeles. Anaheim has a local library system offering free internet access for residents and day passes for visitors.

Provider Network Primary network coverage Down Up
Charter Communications IncCable100%940 Mbps35 Mbps
AT&T CaliforniaDSL, Fiber97%100 Mbps20 Mbps
Sonic.netDSL, Fiber1%80 Mbps20 Mbps

Summary Fiber Access Infrastructure All providers

Anaheim does not yet have any overbuilders or internet service startups offering alternatives to the main providers. However, Sonic does operate in the city, reselling services over AT&T lines.

Due to the low level of competition in Anaheim relative to nearby cities like Los Angeles, the majority of homes will only have one internet option above 100 Mbps. The city maintains a robust public internet access system through the public library. 1

Anaheim is one of only 17 communities in California with municipal broadband services. However, these services are limited to enterprise and municipal use at this time.

Subsidy plans for low-income residents are available from both major cable and telecom providers in the city.

Summary of internet access in Anaheim

residential internet providers in Anaheim.
business-focused internet providers in Anaheim.
internet options for most homes in Anaheim.

We’ve found a total of 21 internet providers in Anaheim: 7 residential providers and 14 business-only providers.

However, only 4 of those companies offer service to more than 1% of the Anaheim population. 16 local companies offer niche business service to small coverage areas, mostly enterprise services in business districts.

Small business internet is commonly available from the same companies offering residential internet in Anaheim. 6 of the residential providers locally offer SMB (Small-Medium Business) services at this time.

Wired internet network coverage in Anaheim

Coverage by network type in Anaheim is as follows:

Cable coverage in Anaheim.
DSL coverage in Anaheim.
Fiber coverage in Anaheim.

Local internet service options in Anaheim

Outside Charter Spectrum and AT&T, Anaheim does not have many alternatives for internet service. Sonic, a California-based internet provider, does offer “reseller” service over AT&T lines locally. This means that residents can access the same overall speed/bandwidth of AT&T service, but with different pricing, data use policies, and customer service.

Low-income residents often fall back to mobile service for basic internet access, and the city does have widespread LTE coverage from all major phone providers (AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile/Sprint).

It’s likely that the first major alternative to cable in Anaheim will come through 5G home internet. Verizon is already piloting fixed 5G services in LA, and the installation of 5G in Anaheim is occuring rapidly (see 5G small cell map below).

AT&T and Verizon are the primary mobile providers building 5G infrastructure in Anaheim.

If you’re a Spectrum customer and your primary reason for looking for an alternative is price, keep in mind that many Spectrum customers can reduce their bill by calling and negotiating a lower rate. This is especially true in Anaheim, due to the high prevalence of competing Fiber services from AT&T locally.

Fiber internet options in Anaheim

Provider brand nameNetworkFiber coverageMaximum downloadMaximum upload
AT&T CaliforniaFiber31%1000 Mbps1000 Mbps
Charter Communications IncFiber6%940 Mbps35 Mbps

2 Fiber internet providers in Anaheim with at least 1% local coverage with their fiber network area. These providers may have other network types.

Internet Infrastructure & challenges in Anaheim

While Anaheim makes dark fiber available for providers to lease, the city notably does not have providers actively taking advantage of this for building out residential service. 2

Anaheim has a strong 5G buildout in-progress as of 2020. See the map below of the current proposed sites throughout the city:

Crown Castle, AT&T, and Verizon are the main companies involved in Anaheim’s 5G expansion.

While many cities allow providers to install 5G small cells without distributing notices to residents, Anaheim requires that flyers are distributed to nearby residences when installations are still in the applications phase. Flyers are in both English and Spanish. 3

All providers in Anaheim

Provider brand namePrimary networkPrimary network coverageMaximum downloadMaximum upload
Charter Communications IncCable100%940 Mbps35 Mbps
AT&T CaliforniaDSL97%100 Mbps20 Mbps
Crown Castle FiberFiber33%0 Mbps0 Mbps
TPx CommunicationsFiber3%0 Mbps0 Mbps
Sonic.netDSL1%80 Mbps20 Mbps

5 residential and business internet providers in Anaheim with at least 1% local coverage with their primary network type.

Low-coverage providers in Anaheim

Provider brand namePrimary networkPrimary network coverageMaximum downloadMaximum upload
GeoLinksFixed Wireless0.851%1000 Mbps1000 Mbps
ComcastCable0.784%987 Mbps35 Mbps
One Ring NetworksFixed Wireless0.442%200 Mbps200 Mbps
Airpeak WirelessFixed Wireless0.080%1.5 Mbps1.5 Mbps

4 residential internet providers in Anaheim with less than 1% local coverage. These are unlikely to be serviceable.

Page Summary
  • Municipal dark fiber leasing services are widely available in Anaheim, primarily used by private telecom companies and anchor institutions.
  • Approximately one third of homes in Anaheim have only one wired internet option above 100 Mbps.

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