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Xfinity Mobile Without Internet Service: Cancellation Policy

Xfinity Terms of Service permits Xfinity Mobile customers who cancel their other Xfinity services to keep their Xfinity Mobile service indefinitely. However, mobile-only customers are charged a $25/line monthly fee in addition to the base plan cost.

As an example, this brings the cost of their cheapest 1 GB plan from $15/month up to $40/month. These customers also lose access to the Xfinity hotspot network, which is what makes the plan so compelling in the first place.

Most standalone-service customers choose to switch to another low-cost mobile provider like Visible or Spectrum Mobile.

Plan type Base cost + Fees Discounts Base plan data
Xfinity Mobile + Xfinity Internet $15 per line $10/month Internet discount 1 GB
Xfinity Mobile (Without Xfinity Internet) $40 per line None 1 GB

Cancellation policy How to avoid fees ACP customers

Does Xfinity Mobile have a cancellation fee in 2024?

Xfinity charges cancellation fees on Internet, TV, and Voice services sold with a contract agreement. However, the Xfinity Mobile service is month-to-month, even when purchased as part of a contract bundle.

Is Xfinity Mobile worth it as a standalone service?

Because of the $25 cost increase and loss of key features like hotspot access, Xfinity Mobile rarely makes sense to keep as a standalone service after you cancel your Internet, TV, or Voice.

Access to the $10 monthly internet service discount and the Xfinity hotspot network are the key features that make it worthwhile. Comcast designed their mobile plans with bundles in mind, and don’t even sell them directly outside their internet service area.

Xfinity Mobile logo editorial illustration.
Xfinity Mobile's pricing for non-internet customers is higher, but equivalent to the market norms. Better offers are available for mobile-only service from companies that specialize in it like Boost and Ting.

From Xfinity’s perspective, offering mobile is a good deal because they can offload your data usage to their wired network and avoid the massive leasing fees paid by other MVNOs like Mint Mobile or Boost. When you cancel internet service, it cuts into their margin; this is why they charge a $25 fee to legacy customers.

Do legacy customers get to keep premium data?

Xfinity Mobile is one of the only MVNOs on the market that offers premium data (via the Verizon network). Premium data is currently offered to legacy customers who cancel their other Xfinity services. However, this is not guaranteed since it’s a month-to-month service. It may be phased on in the future if legacy customers become a large part of the userbase.

How to avoid the cost increase

The bad news is that the Xfinity Mobile $25/month fee for canceling internet is not negotiable (some Xfinity fees are negotiable).

The good news is that switching is free, because Xfinity mobile is a month-to-month service. Even if you bought in a contract bundle, any cancellation fees will come from contract services like internet or TV; not mobile.

Switch to another Verizon-network MVNO provider

Xfinity Mobile is an “MVNO” service, meaning they lease from Verizon rather than operate their own cell towers.

They aren’t the only company that does this; there are dozens on the market, including Ting, Visible, and Twigby.

Here’s a summary of Verizon-network MVNOs currently offering discounts to get you started comparing options:

MVNOsBase priceBase features
Boost Mobile $10/mo.1 GB data, unlimited talk/text.
Visible$15/mo.Unlimited data, talk & text.
Ting$10/mo.Unlimited talk & text.
Red Pocket$20/mo. 3 GB data, unlimited talk & text.
Twigby$5/mo. 1 GB data, unlimited talk/text.

Xfinity Mobile cancellation for ACP customers

Customers who get Xfinity Mobile with an Affordable Connectivity Fund discount from the Federal government face higher price changes when canceling Xfinity services.

For starters, the $30/month ACP discount can only be used for non-internet services if there is cash left over after the internet fee on your bundle. If you only subscribe to mobile service, you no longer qualify for the ACP discount.

This means that if you pay $15 for internet and $15 for mobile through Xfinity, you have an effective $0 monthly bill. But if you cancel internet, your mobile bill will go straight up to $40 per month.

The best thing to do in this scenario is apply the ACP discount to your new internet service, assuming you’re canceling due to a move or provider change.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I keep my Xfinity Mobile service if I cancel Xfinity Internet?

Xfinity permits mobile customers to keep their mobile service after canceling their other Xfinity services. However, they charge $25 extra per month for each line on your account. This brings the cost of their cheapest plan from $15 per month up to $40 per month for a single line and 1 GB of data.

Can I get Xfinity cell phone service without internet?

Xfinity Mobile is only offered to customers who have other Xfinity services, or are signing up for other services at the same time. While Xfinity Internet + Mobile is the most common bundle package, they also offer mobile to TV-only and Voice-only customers.

Does Xfinity Mobile use Wi-Fi?

Xfinity Mobile is designed for customers who want to use Wi-Fi to reduce their mobile costs. It can connect to any Wi-Fi network to offset customer data costs. This feature is typically used when at home and work, but access to the Xfinity nationwide hotspot network is a key feature of the service that further reduces costs.

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