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Is the Xfinity Gigabit Plan Worth It?

Xfinity Gigabit is the fastest internet-only plan available from Xfinity in most of their coverage area. At a price of $100 per month after promotions, it’s also one of the most expensive.

Right off the top, let’s address the upload speed. The upload speed of Xfinity Gigabit is only 35 Mbps.

This means that the upload speed of Xfinity Gigabit is about 28 times slower than the download speed.

Despite the limited upload speed, Gigabit will run you around $1,187 in the first year, including the WiFi router lease.

*Promotional price expires after first year of service
Plan NameDownloadUploadPromo Price*Final PriceDetails
Xfinity Gigabit Plan1200 Mbps35 Mbps$79.99 per month$100 per monthView Plan

Once the new-customer promotion expires, you’re looking at $1368 per year, or up to $1500 if you go for the unlimited mesh WiFi plan option (which honestly is recomended if you plan to actually use gigabit throughput on a daily basis).

Compare this with the $587 annual cost of service + WiFi equipment with the entry-level Xfinity 100 Mbps plan, and it starts getting hard to justify.

There are a few situations where it’s worth it, but most customers will get a similar experience from one of the mid-range plans.

Summary of Recommendations

  • Xfinity Gigabit is mainly worth considering if you work from home because it's the only Xfinity plan with upload bandwidth above 25 Mbps. This is useful for running a large smarthome with cloud-connected cameras, moving large files such as video files, and broadcasting video streams. The gigabit download speed is useful for home entertainment use, but only if you have multiple 4K screens in your house and a large floorplan with 4+ bedrooms.
  • The Xfinity Blast! Pro+ plan is a good fallback, offering 300 Mbps down and 10 Mbps up for $20/month less. It'll save you $240/year, and most families won't notice the performance difference, assuming they mostly use the internet for streaming Netflix. It's enough to handle 2–3 video calls at once, but will struggle if you need HD or higher quality on those calls (not likely).
  • Xfinity Performance Select offers a basic cable serice of 100 Mbps down and 5 Mbps up for only $34.99 per month in the first year. Most customers should save their money and use this plan, especially if they're in a smaller apartement or duplex. It's $420 cheaper annually than the Gigabit plan, when comparing the non-promotional rates.
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Xfinity plan comparison table

Here’s a breakdown on speed and pricing for all current Xfinity plans, starting with Gigabit and walking back towards the slower basic service options:

Note: I've excluded their 2 Gbps "Gigabit Pro" plan from this comparison, because it's almost never available and is prohibitively expensive. Full Xfinity pricing available at our pricing sheet.
Plan NameDown/UpPromo/Final PriceAvg price over 2 yearsPrice increase
Gigabit1200/35 Mbps $79.99/$100$90/mo.+25%
Ultrafast900/20 Mbps $69.99/$90$80/mo.+29%
Superfast600/15 Mbps $59.99/$80$70/mo.+33%
Fast300/10 Mbps $49.99/$70$60/mo.+40%
Connect More100/5 Mbps $39.99/$60$50/mo.+50%
Connect50/5 Mbps $19.99/$50$35/mo.+150%

As you can see, Xfinity’s main strength is reasonable pricing on the mid-low-end plans. Once you get into the “pro” plans, the pricing gets high considering they charge an extra $25 per month if you want unlimited data. (Outside the US Northeast regions, Xfinity caps most plans at 1.2 TB, and this will be extended in states like New York and Connecticut starting in July 2021.)

Xfinity Gigabit Contract Requirements

Xfinity Gigabit requires a one-year contract in order to get the lower $79.99 per month promo price. If you don't want to sign a year contract, you can get month-to-month service with no contract, but it voids the new customer promotion, meaning you'll pay $100 per month starting on day one, rather than after the first year of service. Breaking the contract incurs a fee, which is $110 if you cancel in the second month and decreases by $10 each month over the first year. During the first month, you are allowed to cancel with no fee if you have an issue or don't like the service.

Xfinity Gigabit promotional rate

As shown above, the Gigabit plan jumps from a first-year price of $84.99 per month to a flat $100 per month in month 13. That’s an 18% increase which averages out to $92 per month over your first two years of service.

Here’s how those rates compare with the second-fastest plan option, Extreme Pro+. Basically, you save $10/month with the Extreme Pro+ plan, which is a good deal except that it cuts your upload speed in half. However, the 15 Mbps upload is still three times better than the base 100 Mbps plans.

Note that these are internet-only service rates and do not include the WiFi equipment fee, or any additional data fees.

Discount for automated billing

Xfinity Gigabit pricing goes up by $10 if you opt out of automated paperless billing. Paperless billing is the default when you sign up.

Xfinity Gigabit WiFi and Equipment Fees

Update: router price reduction

While running test orders to prepare this page, I found that some actions you take in checkout will trigger the router price to discount to $0 for the first year, or just $10 for unlimited data and the xFi Complete WiFi package. If you don't see a price lower than $14 when you sign up online, try engaging with the chat in bottom left of the screen to ask about price reduction for the router.

Like all Xfinity cable internet plans, Gigabit gives you three options when it comes to WiFi:

  1. Lease the router (xFi Gateway)
  2. Lease the router + unlimited data and mesh WiFi extender pod (xFi Gateway Complete)
  3. Bring your own (free, but voids some of your tech support options)
WiFi optionMonthly feeHardwareFeatures
xFi Gateway$14xFi Gateway (modem/router combo device)WiFi
xFi Gateway Complete$25xFi Gateway, xFi Pod, unlimited dataWiFi
Own Router optionNo chargeBring your own modem and routerVoids tech support

Xfinity pushes the xFi devices because it ties you into their larger “cinematic universe” of xFi TV, smart home, and security products. They’ll even offer WiFi-connected security cameras during checkout! It’s an interesting strategy, and worth considering if you are a smart home fan.

Xfinity router options screenshot.
Basic router service costs $14/month, but they push hard for the $25/month upgrade that includes unlimited data and a WiFi extension device.

Gigabit internet: overhyped?

Gigabit internet is really only useful for homes that do an abnormally high amount of concurrent streaming. If you have more than two 4K TV screens and you’re watching content on them using a Roku or similar streaming device, there’s a case to be made for Gigabit. However, given you only need 15 Mbps or so of bandwidth to support each stream, it’s overkill unless you’re sharing the connection with dozens of smart home devices, laptops, phones, and a few kids or roommates who do lots of screentime.

As discussed above, the main benefit of Xfinity’s gigabit plan specifically really isn’t the gigabit downloads; it’s the 35 Mbps upload rate, which is more than double any other plan they offer.

The second-fastest 600 Mbps plan only saves you $10 per month, and right away they reduce the upload speed to 15 Mbps.

In terms of download, most homes don’t use more than 100–200 Mbps max at any given time. A cloud-connected camera only needs 2 Mbps or so for uploads, another couple for a video call here and there, etc.

Summary: Xfinity Gigabit is too expensive for the average user

To summarize, Xfinity Gigabit is good if you have a large household and home office setup, but will be a minor performance increase for the average home. If you have fewer than four people using the internet and you don’t have a special upload-intensive use case like streaming Twitch or running a YouTube channel in mind, I’d recomend you opt for a lower plan and only upgrade if you run into regular bandwith issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Xfinity Gigabit internet make a difference for gaming?

Xfinity's gigabit internet plan won't make a noticeable difference in terms of download, since most games require no more than 10 Mbps even when streamed from a platform like Stadia. However, the 35 Mbps upload speed of Xfinity Gigabit is more than double any other plan they offer, and can make a difference for gaming if you have multiple users sharing the upstream bandwidth in your home.

What is the upload speed of the Xfinity Gigabit plan?

Xfinity Gigabit offers a 35 Mbps upload speed. While this sounds low for a gig plan, it's actually more than twice as fast as their mid-tier plans and five times faster than their basic plans.

Does the Xfinity Gigabit plan have a data cap?

Xfinity Gigabit has a 1.2 TB data cap. However, you can get unlimited data if you subscribe to their $25 per month xFi Gateway Complete package, which includes unlimited data and a mesh networking kit. Depending on current promotions, you may be able to get unlimited data for a lower $10 price in the first year.

Page Summary
  • Xfinity Gigabit costs more than double their base 100 Mbps plan, adding up to $781 in additional costs for most customers over the course of a year.
  • Router discounts are available for the first year as of 2022, but the final price of mesh routers and unlimited data can add up to $25/mo or more.
  • 35 Mbps upload speeds are the main draw of the 'gigabit' plan. This may sound low for a gig plan, but it's actually more than double any other Xfinity cable internet offering.

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