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For most Bayview and Hunter’s Point residents, choosing an internet provider comes down to a choice between Xfinity cable and AT&T Fiber.

Features based on 2024 address tests in Bayview-Hunters Point.
Base Price$19.99/mo. sign-up price$55/mo. flat rate
Download speed range75–2,000 Mbps5–5,000 Mbps
Upload speed range5–200 Mbps1–5,000 Mbps
Network optionsCable, FiberDSL, Fiber
Contract termsContract required for discount priceContract-free

Xfinity’s cable service is the cheapest option for new customers, offering basic service for $20–35 per month cheaper than AT&T. The 75 Mbps entry speed is quite a bit slower than AT&T’s 300 Mbps infrastructure in San Francisco, but most families under four people won’t notice this difference.

The Bayview-Sunset area has full coverage for Xfinity’s deals at San Francisco rates.

AT&T’s fiber service is more expensive, but the price is usually locked-in rather than variable like Xfinity, meaning that you won’t face bill hikes after the first year. The upload speeds are also much higher with AT&T, making it a good choice for internet-only customers and people who work from home.

Map of Bayview neighborhood.
Because of issues with pole access, we expect that internet competition growth in Bayview and Hunter's Point will come from fixed 5G services, not fiber-to-the-home overbuilders.

While local fiber providers like Sonic have expanded rapidly in the past few years,1 as of 2024 they have yet to touch the poles in Bayview and Hunter’s Point, resulting in fewer options and slower speeds for residents.

Overall, we suggest Xfinity for price shoppers and AT&T Fiber for larger families or people who work from home.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cheapest internet option in Hunters Point?

Xfinity's base internet plan is the cheapest internet opion in Hunters Point and Bayview, with pricing starting at $19.99 per month. They also offer a low-income program in the area, which has prices as low as $9.95 for basic service.

Page Summary
  • Xfinity has the most widespread internet service above 100 Mbps in the Bayview-Hunters Point area, featuring speeds up to 1,000 Mbps connected to 99% of households.
  • AT&T has been expanding fiber coverage post-2020, but service is still limited to about two-thirds of buildings locally in 2024. For the other third, their copper-based IPBB service is the only option.
  • Internet alternatives are offered by Monkeybrains, a local provider that provides fixed wireless internet to apartment buildings. Sonic has not yet built in Bayview or Hunters Point, and other local ISPs like Common have shut down in recent years.

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