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Internet Service Options in North Sacramento

North Sacramento has been a rapid growth area for AT&T Fiber internet, which now services 75% of North Sacramento including most of South Natomas and Old Sac. Historically, this was a Comcast Xfinity market, which is still the cheapest internet option locally.

Provider Top Speed Lowest Price Availability Contact
AT&T 1000 Mbps $55/mo. 74% coverage Set Up Service
Xfinity 1000 Mbps $19.99/mo. 100% coverage Set Up Service
Earthlink 940 Mbps $49.99/mo. 100% coverage Set Up Service

Compare plans in North Sacramento Internet alternatives in North Sacramento

For about a quarter of North Sacramento residents, the choice of internet provider is simple: you either get Xfinity, or you get no internet.

Luckily, this situation has been improving thanks to expansion of AT&T’s fiber internet footpring. In 2024, about 74% of homes within North Sac can get gigabit fiber from AT&T as an alternative to Comcast service.

Hand holding leter with AT&T expansion offer in North Sacramento.
If you live in North Sac, chances are you recognize this mail flyer. AT&T has expanded rapidly in North Sacramento in the last five years, meaning more than half of residents can now switch to a faster — but not cheaper — home internet service.

However, Xfinity is still the cheapest option. At $19.99 per month for 50 Mbps, their base plan is less than half the entry price for AT&T’s base plan.

However, this is a case of “you get what you pay for,” since the AT&T plan offers 300 Mbps download and upload speeds. The Xfinity base plans, meanwhile, peters out a miserly 50 Mbps download and 5 Mbps upload.

Earthlink also offers services in North Sacramento, having entered the market in 2019. They lease their lines from AT&T, so the only practical difference is the price, billing, and customer service experience.

Base Internet Plans in North Sacramento

To make matters more complex, AT&T operates two coverage areas in North Sacramento. The larger one is fiber-optic, but the older locations still use telephone lines. They call this product “AT&T Internet” or “AT&T IPBB” when you sign up.

Here’s how AT&T Internet, AT&T Fiber, and Xfinity cable all compare locally:

AT&T InternetAT&T FiberXfinity
Starting Price$55/mo.$55/mo.30/mo.
Download Speed RangeUp to 300 MbpsUp to 300 MbpsUp to 200 Mbps
Data CapUnlimitedUnlimited1.2 TB
Network TypeDSL or IPBB (FTTN)Fiber (FTTH)Cable

For AT&T Fiber and Xfinity, here’s a quick comparison of the key metrics for the most popular plans (for Comcast, most customers opt for a faster plan than the entry-level option).

Plan NameSpeed Down/UpPromo PriceFinal Price
Connect More200/20 Mbps$30/mo$69
Fiber Internet 300300/300 Mbps$55/mo$55

Xfinity has a big caveat to be aware of, which is that the initial price is a “promotional rate” that times out after your first year contract.

Once the contract expires, they revert to non-discounted pricing. This can add up to quite a bit, as in the case of their entry plan Fast, which doubles in price from $19.99 to $50 in the thirteenth month of service.

Therefore, customers who plan to stick around for 1–2 years save considerably with Xfinity. Those who plan to stay subscribed for five years or more will find the cost difference to be small, especially when considering the massive difference in speed delivered.

Key comparison point

Xinity's base internet plan has a 130% price increase after 24 months. The average price of service in North Sacramento over two years is $50/month.

AT&T Fiber plans in North Sacramento

Fiber internet offers the fastest speed in North Sacramento, but comes at a higher cost for low-tier plans. At the high-end of speeds, their price for gigabit service is much lower than Xfinity.

As a plus, they also have higher upload speeds equivalent to the download offer, while Xfinity caps out at 35 Mbps for upload even on the gig download plans.

Plan NameDownload SpeedPromo PriceFinal Price
Internet 2525 Mbps$55/mo$65
Fiber Internet 300300 Mbps$55/mo$55
Fiber Internet 500500 Mbps$65/mo$65
Fiber Internet 10001000 Mbps$80/mo$80
Fiber Internet 20002000 Mbps$125/mo$150
Fiber Internet 50005000 Mbps$225/mo$250

Xfinity plans in North Sacramento

Xfinity has lower speeds than AT&T Fiber, but also has wider coverage. For about a quarter of North Sacramento, their gigabit plan is the fastest option on the block. This is the case for much of Natomas and Robla, where AT&T has been slower to expand at the street level.

Plan NameSpeed Down/UpPromo PriceFinal Price
Connect75/5 Mbps$19.99/mo$57
Connect More200/20 Mbps$30/mo$69
Fast400/10 Mbps$50/mo$79
Superfast800/20 Mbps$60/mo$89
Gigabit1000/100 Mbps$65/mo$99
Gigabit Extra1200/100 Mbps$70/mo$109
Gigabit X22000/200 Mbps$120/mo$120

Internet Coverage in North Sacramento

Cable coverage is widespread in North Sacramento, and virtually all blocks have the upgraded DOCSIS 3.1 systems that support gigabit download speeds and enhanced upload speed approaching 35 Mbps.

In lower-income neighborhoods, wireless hotspots are common as an internet alternative. T-Mobile is the preferred provider for hotspot service in North Sacramento, since they’ve built out a degree of 5G coverage.

Internet alternatives in North Sacramento

Earthlink is the only widespread alternative to Xfinity and AT&T in North Sacramento. They lease lines from AT&T, so the speed is very similar to what you get subscribing to AT&T at any given address.

The advantage of going with Earthlink is simply that the pricing and customer service is different. They sometimes also offer budget plans in areas where AT&T does not, meaning you can get fiber service below 300 Mbps at a cheaper price than AT&T’s “budget” plan of 300 Mbps for $55 per month.

Internet service by community in Sacramento

ISPs in Natomas ISPs in Sacramento

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the cable company in North Sacramento?

Xfinity is the primary cable company in North Sacramento, covering neighborhoods including North and South Natomas, Del Paso Heights, and Old Sacramento. Plan pricing starts low for the market, at $19.99 per month for internet-only service.

Are there any alternatives to Comcast in North Sacramento?

AT&T Fiber is the primary competitor to Xfinity in North Sacramento and the surrounding area. Since 2017, AT&T has expanded fiber service to cover 74% of homes in 2024.

What is the cheapest internet in North Sacramento?

The cheapest internet option in North Sacramento is Xfinity, which offers a budget 50 Mbps plan for $19.99 per month. The next-closest provider price is AT&T's entry plan at $55, representing a $35 monthly savings for Xfinity customers. However, AT&T Fiber plans locally offer much faster upload speeds and are better suited to home offices.

Page Summary
  • AT&T Fiber is the fastest internet options in North Sacramento, but costs more than twice what Xfinity charges for the base plan.
  • Xfinity is the cheapest internet options in North Sacramento.
  • Earthlink resells service locally over AT&T lines, meaning the speed is the same but the price is better during seasonal sales.

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