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Sequoia National Park: Mobile & Internet Service Report 2024

Sequoia National Park visitors are wise to be doubtful of mobile service, considering the 629 square miles of protected wilderness blocking cell tower installation.

Sequoia National Park has limited mobile coverage, with Verizon offering the largest coverage area. Verizon 4G LTE mobile coverage along most roads in the park, but can be spotty depending on terrain. T-mobile and AT&T mobile coverage are not typically available in the park unless roaming on the Verizon network.

In this article, we’ll discuss which areas of Sequoia National Park have coverage, as well as internet and Wi-Fi availability at campgrounds and visitor areas.

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Wuksachi Village Lodgepole Campground Wolverton Meadow/Picnic area Pinewood Picnic Area Silver City Mountain Resort John Krebs Wilderness Golden Trout Wilderness Cabin Cove Mineral King Valley

Areas with Existing Mobile Coverage in Sequoia

Photo of Sequoia mountain with mobile carrier logos superimposed.
Note that coverage should never be counted on as a safety measure, since weather and carrier issues can result in downtime and outages.

Wuksachi Village


In Wuksachi Village, visitors will find a welcoming lodge, restaurant and visitor center all located in this area. Wuksachi Village is generally known to have the best cell coverage in the park as this is the hub for most visitors in Sequoia National Park. Surrounding areas (such as parts of Wuksachi Way and Generals Highway) have been known to have cell phone coverage as well.

Wifi is available in most common areas within Wuksachi Village. This includes the visitor’s lodge, restaurant and other main facilities in this area.


No mobile coverage available.


No mobile coverage available.

Lodgepole campground


Verizon 4G LTE has been known to be available at the Lodgepole campground, however, some visitors have reported that the signal is not that strong. Along with the Wuksachi Village area, Lodgepole is supposed to be one of the few areas which will receive coverage from a Verizon cell tower that was approved in 2019.


No mobile coverage available.


No mobile coverage available.

Wolverton Meadow/Picnic area


Just as the Wuksachi Village and Lodgepole areas, the Wolverton area within the Sequoia National Park is among the areas which will receive coverage from the Verizon cell tower that was approved to be constructed in 2019. While that project is not yet confirmed complete, visitor reviews indicate that coverage is in place.


No mobile coverage available.


No mobile coverage available.

Pinewood Picnic Area


The Pinewood Picnic area is located within Verizon’s 4G LTE covered area, however, coverage is not promised in any given area of the park according to the National Park Services FAQ page.


No mobile coverage available.


No mobile coverage available.

Areas with Sparse or No Coverage in Sequoia

Silver City Mountain Resort

While regular cell coverage is not available here, calls and texts performed via wifi is an option if your service provider allows.

While individual lodging accommodations do not provide their own, the lodge at Silver City Mountain Resort offers complimentary wifi in the guest lounge.

I was able to confirm this information by speaking to a helpful employee at the Silver City Mountain Resort. If you’d like to call and clarify any other information before your stay, you may do so by dialing (559) 561-3223.

John Krebs Wilderness

There are over 39,000 acres of vast wilderness in John Krebs Wilderness. As you may have suspected, cell coverage is limited at best in this area regardless of who your provider may be.

Golden Trout Wilderness

There are over 300,000 acres of vast wilderness in the Golden Trout Wilderness. Again, cell coverage is limited at best in this area regardless of who your provider may be.

Cabin Cove

Cabin Cove is a small, secluded community of vacation cabins just west of Mineral King Valley. This area is only accessible when snow is not limiting road access and mobile coverage is not typically available here.

Mineral King Valley

While Mineral King Valley is known for its breathtaking scenic views, it is not known for how great the mobile coverage availability is. Just as with the other secluded locations on this list, mobile coverage should not be expected when in this area.

What Provider Offers the Best Coverage Sequoia

Table of areas with mobile service in Sequoia park.
Note that service can vary depending on weather conditions in the park.

Verizon currently offers the best mobile coverage in Sequoia National Park both in terms of coverage area and level of service (4G) provided. A large portion of the park has Verizon 4G LTE coverage, along with small areas of 5G Ultra Wideband coverage. Please note that some areas of the park receive no coverage whatsoever.

In 2019 Verizon was approved to add a cell tower to the Wuksachi Village area which would service nearby areas as well. While construction was supposed to wrap up in 2020, no information on whether or not the project is complete is clearly listed on the park’s website. You can read the press release on the National Park Service’s website.

If you’d like to contact a representative of Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park to confirm any questions about this, you may do so by calling the park directly at (599) 565-3341. To view areas where Verizon coverage is available, view Verizon’s interactive map of coverage.

Internet and Wifi Availability in Sequoia

Internet is available through wifi connection in certain areas of the park. As previously mentioned, wifi is available in most common areas within Wuksachi Village. This includes the visitor’s lodge, restaurant and other main facilities in this area.

Wifi is not available in personal cabins or guestrooms. Other free wifi hotspots may be found at small businesses or visitor centers but are not guaranteed.

The providers that have been known to service this area for satellite connection are hughesnet, Viasat, and Starlink.

The following table provides a snapshot of what you can expect for internet and wifi availability:

Table of internet service at public locations in Sequoia park.
Satellite internet service is typically the only option for buildings and public spaces within the park, including public Wi-Fi areas.

Why is there limited cell service in national parks?

Cell service is typically not available in national parks because little to no cell towers exist within them (depending on which park it is). Having cell towers usually goes against the mission of national parks. Missions are usually regarding the preservation of natural environments and scenic beauty. Having cell towers everywhere to ensure reliable service would certainly compromise this mission.

Not to mention, many who come to these parks intend on “unplugging” and enjoy the fact that the world is no longer at their fingertips since use of cell data and reception is unreliable at best in most places.

For more on what to expect for limited wifi and cell coverage, check out this informative article from the Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks website. They offer some helpful information as well as tips on what you can do to make the most of your disconnected stay.

Important: do not rely on Sequoia mobile coverage for navigation or other critical purposes

The following points are commonly suggested by park guides to avoid issues while navigating the park:

1. Prepare Accommodations

If you plan to camp or reserve lodgings during your visit to Sequoia National Park, reserving your accommodations (whether campsite, cabin or other lodging) in advance is required and will ensure a more seamless experience. Map out your routes and familiarize yourself with park maps as well.

2. Be Prepared

Plan out all activities you intend to do during your stay. Do some research on what you want to visit, where you want to hike and so on. Make sure you have all the gear, food, water and other supplies necessary for a safe and fun experience. Think about how you’re going to store your food if you plan on camping if lockers or boxes are not available.

Check the weather in advance, download the National Park Service app and make sure you have extra batteries for flashlights and other camping gear is a good idea as well.

4. Have a Back-up Plan

Since cell phone coverage is not promised at any given area in the park. Have an emergency plan with designated contacts in case you do not return when expected.

5. Stay Alert

Hiking around cliffs, lakes, rivers and other dangerous areas can be exhilarating and beautiful. Be sure to stay alert to your surroundings, watch your footing and be aware if something feels unsafe. Take note of landmarks to help guide your hike and never wonder too far off of regularly traveled areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get around Sequoia National Park?

The use of vehicles and hiking are known to be the two best ways to get around Sequoia National Park. Directions and information (including driving maps, hiking information and guides) may be found on the National Park Services website. Shuttles are also provided during peak tourist season and are used to transport visitors to several popular park sights and destinations.

Are there bathrooms in Sequoia National Park?

All picnic areas in Sequoia National Park have bathrooms for visitor use. You may also find bathrooms at visitor centers, and other main destination sites such as Wuksachi Village. Areas with bathrooms are not guaranteed to have mobile or Wi-Fi coverage.

Does Sprint have coverage in Sequoia National Park?

Sprint has merged with T-Mobile, resulting in a combined service area. In Sequoia National Park, T-Mobile/Sprint towers are not readily available, so customers typically roam on Verizon or have no service option.

Page Summary
  • Verizon towers have the strongest presence within Sequoia National Park, especially along roads and near visitor centers and campgrounds.
  • Satellite internet is usually the only option for buildings in or near the park. This can result in slow Wi-Fi at public areas during peak use times.
  • Cell service should not be relied on since terrain and sparse tower placement results in frequent outages and downtime.

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