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Starry Internet vs AT&T

Starry Internet has consistent 200 Mbps speeds but a small service area. They are preferable to AT&T in most cases — unless you are in AT&T's fiber service area, which has the highest reliability.

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Brand Service type Speed range Price range
AT&T DSL, Fiber 5–5,000 Mbps $55–250/mo.
Starry Fixed Wireless 200 Mbps $50 flat rate

Fees and fine print Compare plans

Starry Internet is a relatively new option for internet service, offering fixed-wireless service as an alternative to AT&T’s DSL and Fiber internet in urban areas like Los Angeles.

Starry is mostly offered in apartment buildings, while AT&T focuses on single-family homes and duplexes. While AT&T offers the highest speed with their fiber interet services, it’s not common for them to offer fiber at the same buildings where Starry has 200 Mbps fixed wireless service.

Therefore, Starry is usually the better option, for buildings choosing between Starry and AT&T. We recomend that you check for AT&T gigabit service, and if it’s not available, go with Starry.

AT&T vs Starry Internet Basic Features

FeatureAT&T InternetStarry Internet
Starting price$55/mo. flat rate$50/mo. flat rate
Download speed range5–5,000 Mbps200 Mbps
Upload speed range1–5,000 Mbps200 Mbps
Network typeDSL, FiberFixed Wireless
Contract termsContract-freeContract-free

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AT&T vs Starry Data Usage Policies

Many internet providers in California use data caps to manage their network, meaning that if you use more than a certain amount of data, you will be charged extra on top of your monthly bill.

Starry offers unlimited data usage, making them a good choice for cord-cutters and younger buyers who don’t want legacy cable or paid TV services.

AT&T removed data caps for DSL and IPBB customers during the initial Covid-19 lockdowns, but as of 2024 the caps have been reinstated.

AT&T does not have data caps in California. Starry offers unlimited plans with no data caps.

AT&T Internet Data Caps att-logo.png logo.

AT&T offers internet plans with unlimited data

Starry Internet Data Caps starry-internet-logo.png logo.

Starry offers internet plans with unlimited data

AT&T vs Starry Net Neutrality Policies

AT&T Internet Net Neutrality Stance

AT&T has a statement of support for Net Neutrality on their policy website, but has remained quiet on the topic of future paid prioritization for certain services.

AT&T Net Neutrality statement
Starry Internet Net Neutrality Stance

Starry Internet maintains a detailed page on their website describing their traffic treatment in regards to Net Neutrality.

Starry Net Neutrality statement

AT&T vs Starry Pricing and Fees

Here is a breakdown of how common add-on fees compare for AT&T and Starry plans. These types of fees are common with internet providers, and can result in larger bill each month.

Starry is the clear winner here, since they emphasis “fee-free service” as their primary differentiator. While AT&T tacks on numerous fees and raises the price for basic internet service after the first year by 20% or more, Starry offers flat-rate service and doesn’t add on to the price or change the price after you’re “on the hook.”

This policy has won them substantial goodwill with customers in the LA area, who are often very frustrated with pricing changes after years with only Spectrum or AT&T.

WiFi equipment fee~$0/mo.Free
Price increasesFlat rateFlat rate
Early Termination FeeFree cancellationFree cancellation

Note that fee amounts described above may vary by plan. See the plan comparison tables for AT&T and Starry below for more information.

AT&T vs Starry Internet-Only Plan Comparison

Both providers have flat rate pricing, so you only need to consider fees and add-on services when purchasing service.

AT&T DSL Internet Plans

Plan NameDownload SpeedPromo PriceFinal Price
Internet 2525 Mbps$55/mo$65
Fiber Internet 300300 Mbps$55/mo$55
Fiber Internet 500500 Mbps$65/mo$65
Fiber Internet 10001000 Mbps$80/mo$80
Fiber Internet 20002000 Mbps$125/mo$150
Fiber Internet 50005000 Mbps$225/mo$250

AT&T Fiber Internet Plans

Plan NameDownload SpeedPromo PriceFinal Price

Starry Internet Plans

Plan NameDownload SpeedFinal Price
Starry Internet200 Mbps$50
Page Summary
  • Renters should choose Starry Internet, because the pricing for no-contract plans is low and straightforward. The 200 Mbps bandwidth provided is more than enough for most apartments.
  • Homeowners should choose AT&T if they are able to access their 1,000 Mbps fiber internet service.
  • Starry Internet is the best option for most homes, but has low availability compared to AT&T.

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